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    • Name Reservations
      09 February 2016
      05 February 2016 14:00 Dear Players,

      The wait is nearly over and we are very close in starting this exciting journey with all of you.

      We are pleased to announce that the name reservation page will open this Tuesday, the 9th of February to all pre-order holders. Name reservation is possible from 18:00 UTC.

      If you have not yet pre-ordered Black Desert Online it is still possible to benefit from the many pre-order perks, such as a head-start and exclusive items. You can pre-order Black Desert Online until the 26th of february.

      Don’t forget that pre-ordering either the Conqueror's or Explorer’s package will automatically grant you beta access and in this case you will not need a beta key. The second closed beta test will start the 18th of February, 08:00 UTC and ends the 22nd of February, 08:00 UTC. (The client can be downloaded from the 16th of February).

      See you in-game!

      The Black Desert Online team   <<>>
    • End of Beauty Event
      15 February 2016
    • Black Desert Meeting [Required]
      15 February 2016 2:00 AM Until 15 February 2016 3:00 AM
      This is our Bi-weekly Black Desert Meeting. These are required meetings and attendance is recorded so if you can not attend (Real-life always comes first) please let an officer know so you are not marked as skipping / inactive . These meeting will cover any and all aspects of the guild, We will normally interview new apps following these meetings if any are present.
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    • BD Final Guild Poll (Roster Placement)
      Name Reservation Page:   It opens @ 1PM EST (about 30 min from this email)   Launch Poll for guild members to gleefully announce you're finally ready to take the plunge:   It's needed to be done with one week! We are going off this list to know who to invite into the guilds. You can adjust answers later with Bobz in Slack, no worries.   Please also be on Teamspeak the best you can until launch and beyond it, even if it's just AFK. (Longest person online in TS gets auto-afk fishing award, and I'm sure your electric company loves you) lol.   The above survey is for applicants and members. Applicants should be attending our very final interviews this Saturday and Sunday coming up, at around 10PM EST. You simply need to be in Teamspeak around that time, well handle the rest.   Good luck getting your names all!
    • Daily Dudes
      @Ladywindow no invite for UK? UK and I are running off together tho so.... Since I'm clearly a firefly fan how about captain my captain Nathan Fillion!   I won't tell you what the hammer is....
    • Favorite Fishing Spots
      I had gotten about 5 or 6 full scrolls worth from fishing in the cliff zone over about 4 days of afk fishing. Had +4 fishing and artisan level rod / lure (increased rarity)
    • Daily Dudes
      For when we're not posting, just a heads up that Reddit has a r/ladyboners for more hot guys
    • Favorite KanColle Game
      I love the anime KanColle. Recently I heard GoGames Company developed a new related game named KanColle. I am so excited and experience it right now. It's quite original and interesting!    
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