[BFL3] Basic Flight Training 3 - Communications


Star Citizen

This event repeats every week on Thursday for 20 occurrences

Event details

Training/Practice session for the Basic Flight Course.

All members are welcome to attend. Remember that the calendar time is based on what you have set for your time zone on Legacy forums. Here's a link to a webapp that might help you convert.

To attend training, you must do the following:

1. RSVP using this form.
2. Read the guide and watch the training video (below).
3. Patch Arena Commander the day of training. Do a control check about an hour before the training session.
4. Be on time, with the game loaded and ready to go.

This lesson is one of four that will earn you a "pilot" certification. Certifications will be required to participate in official TL events in the persistent universe.


Vin I RSVP'd but I think I'll be a maybe.  Depends on how I feel.  Right now I've been at work almost 48 hrs straight running cryo experiments.  Maybe if I'm awake tomorrow/today night.

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I also RSVP'd, but I get home right when it starts. Ill try leaving work a couple minutes early.

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