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Lessons, Exercises, and Training Missions for those who missed or can't make the normal weekly times (EU, Oceanic, Nightshift, etc).

Can be any event from any course.

To schedule training, you must do the following:

1. RSVP to this calendar event.
2. In the comments, put what event(s) you need and your time availability on Saturday. If you are just signing up to help out, put your time availability as well. Vin will contact via PM to finalize times for training.
3. Patch Arena Commander the day of training. Do a control check about an hour before the training session. Read the appropriate training materials for the event.
4. Be on time, with the game loaded and ready to go.

Any questions, ask in comments.

I have recurring commitments during Thursday (My timezone's Friday) Operations and Communications training and Sunday's (My Monday's) Manuevering training.. I also will be dead tired on Tuesday (My Wednesday) Formation training due to same commitments so I'll be a lot less switched on if I was to attend that. Friday and Saturday however (My Saturday and Sunday) are wide open so I'd like to catch up on what I miss through these sessions.

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