• The History of Team Legacy (Chapter 1 Founding and Pre-Archeage)


    Team Legacy is Founded (2010-2011)

    Team Legacy as a whole was originally established in early August 2010 as a Team Liquid community offshoot. With the support of our friends, the Team Legacy community launched and became active very quickly. While preparing for Guild Wars 2, we continued growing, chatting on TeamSpeak, developing guides, and obviously, gaming together. We started numerous projects to help us reach our goal of being among the best, and also helping others reach that point too. During early development in late 2010, we started the "TL Academy", a library of guides ranging from psychological, to developing better motor skills, to technical guides about builds and gameplay. With proper teaching we aimed to break the norm and show that with proper dedication, we could build a bridge between casual and hardcore.

    Early Interviews
    During the first couple of years after making Team Legacy official, we sat down with various E-Sports figures to better learn about what truly the keys were to successful gaming. Among our favorites was the highly publicized interview with DJWheat.

    Our Initial Launch and Success - Guild Wars 2 (2011-2013)

    Our goals for Guild Wars 2 were like those of many other guilds at that time- “be the best.” While initially that idea floated for almost a year during 2010, we started noticing that in order to truly be different, we needed to change our goals. We ditched the idea of simply "being the best" and moved on to fulfilling what we felt was the biggest gap in today's MMO scene. We decided that by finding some top-level talent, we would not only be able to use that talent to develop top-end strategies, but also to share those hidden and elite tactics with the masses. We wanted to prove that just because you're not playing 24/7 in an MMO, does not mean you should be excluded from high-level play. We entered Guild Wars 2 as an incredibly powerful guild that invited all guilds to join us in Teamspeak to learn from us. We played with the philosophy that by sharing top level tactics with the entire community, we would develop a more interesting and competitive atmosphere. With the help of podcasts and "guild training" meetings with guilds from around the world, we launched a truly different type of community that has seen incredible success across the board, and became the most known guild in Guild Wars 2.

    Tales of Tyria
    While preparing for Guild Wars 2, we had the chance to reach out to the community through a podcast called "Tales of Tyria", led by an individual named "Bridger". While at the time, he was independently doing his own thing, he eventually grew to admire our unique community philosophy and joined, even bringing Tales of Tyria to be an official Team Legacy Production. It was a wonderful moment to get our name out there and help the community at the same time.

    Here is a link to the youtube channel.

    Guild Wars 2 Related Interviews and Publications
    Interview with 'Freelancer' about Team Legacy's Ambitions in Guild Wars 2
    Interview with 'kwlpp' from the Team Legacy E-sports GW2 Team
    Freelancer interviews 'Boon Control' about their early Guild Wars 2 impressions.

    Our "No Fan Left Behind" Initiative
    Team Legacy wanted to make a strong statement early on in it's premier by taking all of our most hardcore players, making sure they were on Teamspeak, and putting a "Help" tag on their names. Why? So that anyone and everyone, from casual to aspiring professional, could ask questions, find resources, and learn the game and it's tactics inside out. The result was a huge success, and we received an unprecedented amount of players coming into our Teamspeak finding themselves welcomed and without any pressure to play or act a certain way. The feedback was amazing and really inspired us to continue serving the community.
    A long well-written summary from an anonymous player who joined us for the event.
    A thread created to thank Team Legacy for our event, replied in by a number of other thankful players.

    Breast Cancer Awareness
    When we caught wind that the popular Guild Wars 1 event : "Pink Day in LA" would be coming to GW2, Team Legacy jumped at the initiative to help organize the event. Using numerous avenues of communication through our friends and allies in-game, we organized an event under the sole purpose of raising money for breast cancer research, while also making a fun full-server event a reality. After weeks of planning, we streamed and executed a series of mini-games for the community members on our server, and had well over 500 attend and participate. During the event we also made a public statement to donate 500$ to the charity on behalf of Team Legacy. We want to thank "Gamers Giving Back" as well for helping with the event. It was truly epic.

    Pic of our "pink" ribbon mini-game

    The GW2 Reddit challenges Team Legacy - The Battle of Dreaming Bay

    After some heated, yet respectable arguments and discussions concerning large-scale PvP tactics between Team Legacy and redditors, an official challenge was made to face Team Legacy in the battlefield. We entered with 60 TL members only to face an amazing maxed-out 150+ redditors all out for Team Legacy blood. The battle would be mentioned hundreds of times across the community in reference to any discussion talking about "elite" tactics. It was truly an honor.
    Our thanks to reddit
    Youtube Link
    Someone who watched the battle from afar in-game
    Our battle inspires numerous redditors to try out world PvP for the first time
    A thread discussing "zergs" and how to beat them. Team Legacy videos and descriptions were used as lesson material.

    TL E-Sports in Guild Wars 2

    Team Legacy formed our official GW2 teams with a very unique philosophy: "Do not bring in the best of the best and try to get them to work together, Bring individuals that work well together and try and make them the best of the best". We could not have nailed it any better. While our members were not e-sports superstars or former #1 players in World of Warcraft, they became exactly that in Guild Wars 2. Here are some links to various mentions of our teams in Guild Wars 2.
    Arenajukies spotlight guide 
    TL Structured PvP Youtube videos
    If only GW2 E-Sports had taken off, we'd still have Team Legacy around.

    From a Guild to a Community (2013)

    With Guild Wars 2's competitive decline in PvP, Team Legacy looks to now better plan and prepare for upcoming titles such as Wildstar and Everquest: Next. The core philosophy still has not changed- we still interview intelligent casual and hardcore players, and provide an environment rarely found in other communities. We are far larger than we ever were in years past, and have broadened our horizons to encompass multiple titles at once. With a new focus on establishing community relations with developers and the press, we are truly looking at the community as becoming more than "just a guild".


About TL

As a gaming community by definition, we are always playing the latest releases, and we continually look for competitive large-scale formats to test our organization against other respected, well-prepared guilds and communities. If the title is competitive, and involves pitting the skill of one guild against another, we are there..