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  1. Me too haha. I first heard about it last summer and I've been waiting forever to find out more about it.
  2. Yeah, Dishonored definitely looks like an amazing game if they pull it off.
  3. Not really one myself (although I have watched some of it) but I know several people who are. Funny, today my Trekkie teacher and I got into a debate about Star Wars vs. Star Trek :P
  4. Actually looks pretty badass.
  5. It was a nice demo. The graphics look much better, the story seems like it's going to be the best yet, and they didn't throw in any spoilers! With the combat and inventory stuff, it looks like they took the best/most demanded elements from each game and combined them in a very nice way. Also like the new diving/rolling animations.
  6. Personally, I have a set of Razer Megalodons. I know they get some bad reviews but only from hardcore audiophiles, and mine work great. They're comfortable and the sound quality is perfect for gaming. Sure they're a little pricey but I money wasn't an issue so I figured, why not? and now I wouldn't trade them for any headset (except maybe those A40s)

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