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  1. Always glad to have you Seems we got ourselves another enthusiast of Sun Tzu's teachings :")?
  2. :o So many new people. Welcome aboard, hope you have a great stay :P
  3. Busy with highschool exams.

  4. Hey Venomania and Najda, glad to see you guys here. I look forward to some fruitful discussions!
  5. Discussed the possible existence of elves in class today. That was one ridiculous discussion.

  6. Winter holidays 01/28 - 02/14 - Finally I'll be able to hang out with you guys more.

  7. It's fun how news circle around.

  8. Hey Align, nice to see you here :)
  9. Welcome !
  10. rotfl Dungeons of Dredmore is amazing. It's been ages since I had to reroll my character 20 times before advancing through the first level.

  11. Made myself a new sig :D Photoshop banzai!

  12. Made myself a new sig :D Photoshop banzai!

  13. That is not dead which can eternal lie and with strange eons even death may die.

  14. Hello ^^ Don't feel afraid to post the app if you want to. I did and somehow ended up accepted. I don't believe beta invites are going to be favoritized, they've actually belied the rumor about beta invites for GC/Pax attendees saying that everyone will have their chance.
  15. Greetings from Poland, Europe, dear lads and ladies. My polish name is Marcin inherited from the roman Mars - god of war. Too bad it got translated to simple english Martin It's a bit late of an introduction as I've already posted somewhat, nevermind. I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all. I like the idea behind the guild (I've read the "Common Sense" Charter), but I am not sure whether I fit in the theme so I'm gonna roam the forums for now and find out. Hope you can cope with that Please excuse my sometimes faulty grammar. Best wishes, ~Marcin / kid-kun.

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As a gaming community by definition, we are always playing the latest releases, and we continually look for competitive large-scale formats to test our organization against other respected, well-prepared guilds and communities. If the title is competitive, and involves pitting the skill of one guild against another, we are there..