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  1. Not sure if this idea is fantastic or not but it sounds like something nice to do.   Sell entries to a lottery type drawing with all proceeds going to a charity in the name of TL. Perhaps Child's Play which is appropriate to the interest of the group?   Make them cheap $1 per entry, with a max of $10 per member so that way it doesn't become a competition on who can donate the most. Honestly risking $10 for the machine your building is nothing and if you lose well congratulations you gave to a good cause.   No idea if this is within the rules/guidelines of the community but it just feels like a good idea. People get a shot at a great build, they do something good, and TL gets to do something great as a whole.
  2.   It's the chip that is making me seriously consider going to Intel finally. I've used AMD for ages due to price, but right now I have a monster pair of graphics cards and my system is unquestionably CPU bottlenecked.   That being said I think doing so may cause the love of my life to shoot me in the head.   Decisions, decisions.
  3. A little off topic Pigman, but are you planning on getting a Devil's Canyon 3790K for yourself to overclock? That thing is looking pretty beastly for overclocking with a reported Base Clock of 4.1GHz.
  4. I really like the look of this monster:
  5. Welcome to the forums atr :) If you have any questions, aside from the personal message you received and other resources -- you are welcome to PM me as well. See you around!

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