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  1. Yea

    2nd guild best guild
  2. Yea

    oh it's you
  3. Interesting... maybe.
  4. I'd post a popcorn meme, but there's not enough action here.    
  5. Done and done.
  6. If you read this, comment and I'll give you a virtual cookie.

  7. My mom's pugs "hug my legs" too with claw marks. Once I sit down, it's game over and I am promptly doggy kissed all over my face by both of them.
  8. Dogs will forever be placed higher than cats in my book for one simple reason.     I get tackled and smothered every time I go my dad's. The cat just goes, "Yeah, hi. Whatever"
  9. Collecting eggs is crucial, especially if you can make a good omelet.       Welcome!
  10. If was in DFW, I'd be there.     Have fun!
  11. Let me be the first third to welcome you.             (runs and tells everyone)  SPIIIIIIIIIEEEEEES!!!!! 
  12. Yeah, best to get college done now otherwise it's 7 years later, get your BS in Music, and get a career in something totally different.     Good luck!
  13. No, I dream of cats riding unicorns.       Welcome.

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