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  1. Slaqor added a post in a topic Do you like Tabletop Games?   

    I may or may not have 2 extra copies of Tabletop Simulator
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  2. Slaqor added a post in a topic The activity Thread (three word story)   

    is a cold
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  3. Slaqor added a post in a topic The activity Thread (three word story)   

    blowing out the
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  4. Slaqor added a post in a topic Windows 10 File Sharing   

    I personally didn't run into this when I converted, but this article here might help you out Whiskey.
    Toward the bottom, there's another link for a Win 8 fix, but the poster noted it worked for their Win 10 as well. Good luck.
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  5. Slaqor added a post in a topic The activity Thread (three word story)   

    nintendo video games
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  6. Slaqor added a post in a topic Anyone here play Factorio?   

    I played the demo, seems like a pretty fun time waster. I might buy it once I get back home on Sunday
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  7. Slaqor added a post in a topic Windows 10 - Manual upgrade   

    You except people to read all of the instructions? I mean, they don't even read the TOS
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  8. Slaqor added a post in a topic The Song Thread   

    in youtube click on share, then copy the URL it gives you from there

    then just paste it into the body of your message
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  9. Slaqor added a post in a topic The Song Thread   

  10. Slaqor added a post in a topic Diablo 3 Season 4 Hardcore Survival Race   

    Interesting... maybe.
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  11. Slaqor added a post in a topic Star Wars: Battlefront   

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  12. Slaqor added a topic in PC Gaming General   

    Star Wars: Battlefront
    Yes, December is a way out, but has anyone been looking into this at all?
    Part of me has that foul, EA taste in my mouth but with what I've seen so far, and it's StarWars, I remain hopeful.
    Also, for the people interested, what route you going? PC or console?
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  13. Slaqor added a post in a topic The Song Thread   

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  14. Slaqor added a post in a topic For those thinking about learning Computer Programming   

    I do agree, something like Python, or even some of the *.js libraries are much easier to learn than C++ or C#.(Dynamic languages ftw.. most of the time) Regardless of what route you want to take, make sure you're writing good code.
    Anyone with a book and 30 minutes of working through the "Hello World" exercise can go off from there and write a 500 line application that does something "neat" but the moment someone looks at the code, makes them want to barf.
    As you learn to code and practice through languages, also look into reading/finding articles on creating "clean code" (There's actually a book titled Clean Code). Writing clean code early on keeps you in a place where if you have an online portfolio for companies to look at when you apply, show that you just don't throw thousands of lines of code into one file and go "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" Showing that you understand how the different pieces of the coding puzzle fit together into creating an application that under the sheets is readable to anyone else coming in to look at it the first  time, often gets you a job. (and yeah, knowing what you're doing too)
    The "standard" is that it takes one year to be sufficient in one language with practice and upkeep, and from my experience that's about right. I work in multiple languages from VB6 to Node.js and even Python. Am I an expert in all of them? No, not at all, but I know enough to be sufficient and get my work done.
    Also, if you get stuck, GOOGLE it. Googling an issue or simply needing to gain knowledge is a lot quicker than asking a colleague for one reason: It's already been asked multiple times on many sites and it's most likely been answered.(My personal go to after googling has been stackoverflow.com)
    Lastly, if you find your answer, don't just copy/paste it in. Learn what the code is doing, play around with it a little bit so you understand it. (this goes back to the second line and in case you get code reviewed and another developer asks "so what does this do?")
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