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  1. slack

    @Bobz should be able to assist you.
  2. Yea

    2nd guild best guild
  3. Yea

    oh it's you
  4. Do you like Tabletop Games?

    I may or may not have 2 extra copies of Tabletop Simulator
  5. Windows 10 File Sharing

    I personally didn't run into this when I converted, but this article here might help you out Whiskey.     Toward the bottom, there's another link for a Win 8 fix, but the poster noted it worked for their Win 10 as well. Good luck.
  6. The activity Thread (three word story)

    nintendo video games
  7. Anyone here play Factorio?

    I played the demo, seems like a pretty fun time waster. I might buy it once I get back home on Sunday
  8. Windows 10 - Manual upgrade

    You except people to read all of the instructions? I mean, they don't even read the TOS
  9. The Song Thread

    in youtube click on share, then copy the URL it gives you from there then just paste it into the body of your message
  10. The Song Thread

  11. Star Wars: Battlefront