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  1. Question/s about high level

    stats increase with level, and you can also think of it kind of like battling mobs higher/lower than your level. Also, some levels of some skills are only unlockable at x Level, and some of those are after 50. (awakening weapons for each class also unlock @ 56) Definitely time to stop and smell the roses whenever. I, and many, feel that hitting soft cap is the primary goal, and then going back to smell the roses to do trading and such. While it is beneficial to get into those things, getting to softcap is equally as important and beneficial for you. Plus, if the energy(vigor) system stays as is, you'll want as much as possible before crafting and such, since it eats energy to craft and gather in NA/EU. (Someone please tell me if this has changed) I know for myself, I plan on hitting whatever the sotf cap it, then going back for dailies, other contribution/energy gains I can get easily, etc etc to get high energy/contribution as soon as possible to start throwing getting more and more nodes. Sure, some people will beat me to the crafting breeding portion, but that's life.
  2. Daily Babes

    Emmanuelle Chriqui
  3. slack

    @Bobz should be able to assist you.
  4. Yea

    2nd guild best guild
  5. Yea

    oh it's you
  6. Do you like Tabletop Games?

    I may or may not have 2 extra copies of Tabletop Simulator
  7. Windows 10 File Sharing

    I personally didn't run into this when I converted, but this article here might help you out Whiskey. Toward the bottom, there's another link for a Win 8 fix, but the poster noted it worked for their Win 10 as well. Good luck.
  8. The activity Thread (three word story)

    nintendo video games
  9. Anyone here play Factorio?

    I played the demo, seems like a pretty fun time waster. I might buy it once I get back home on Sunday
  10. Windows 10 - Manual upgrade

    You except people to read all of the instructions? I mean, they don't even read the TOS
  11. The Song Thread

    in youtube click on share, then copy the URL it gives you from there then just paste it into the body of your message

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