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  1. Aww, Thanks Smeer!! I actually looked into it and it looks like exactly what I need right now. I sent in a recruitment survey to let Freelancer know I want to be apart of it. HEY BOBZ!! Thank you so much. I'm new to this Slack so I will definitely check it out. I knew I did the but No One was on so I was like...hmph. I actually didn't miss Archeage, now I remember it. I left when everyone was making their subgroups concentrated on different parts of Archage and I played the beta. I left around that time. But I felt like I've been gone for a year. Thanks for the warm welcome. Lol. Oh Hey! I appreciate it Alice, thank you
  2. I was apart of Team Legacy for Guild Wars 2, Beta and Launch of Wildstar as well as many inbetweens (H1Z1, Smite, etc..) and made some real-life friends here. Though real life got in the way so I couldn't be a gamer anymore. But I have a new gaming rig, a whole lot of time and I miss it, so I thought Team Legacy was the best place to be. So, Hi I'm Inca Black and I'm glad to be back. I also have to admit, I don't know the new teamspeak info.
  3. Woohooo Congratss!!! you guys deserve it!!
  4.   OMG I love that video though. 
  5. I can't make it. I work Wednesdays
  6.   LMFAOOOOOOOO xD       YOU Guys are Mad late lmaooo. 
  7. I work Fridays urggh! Sorry, can't make it
  8. NOw, that's song's in my head!!
  9. That's awesome. Welcome, great to have you! Good luck with your application!!
  10. YAY MORE FRIENDS!! HI All Thank you for stopping by the Creep-Fest where we have wiggling meat.  Just because we can!        Lmaoo Thank you, I've never seen that movie before no mater how weird it is...I kinda really wanna see it!   Hahahaha, I have to admit this is my first time I've ever initiated something like this. It's quite entertaining. It makes me wanna find more meat wiggling videos. Start a phenomenon...or a club,  ​You can be the President Voison lol, I nominate you!     Well I appreciate you coming by with your entertaining videos, it makes me a  non-creepy sort of way. But happy none the less lmao. 
  11. Agreed lol
  12.   Lmao, I have to admit Id didn't know how to respond to that fif. I was like...."Ummm, Save me someone. WHere all my gurls at??" But thank you very much       
  13. EWWWW!!!!! .....Can I borrow that?
  14. Hey Yall I'm Jesani pronounced {Jeh-Sawn-Knee} I have just applied to TeamLegacy and it's pretty damn exciting right now. I've been lookign at Wildstar and I'm definitely super interested and I really didn't want to start alone and I saw you guys were recruiting. NOt expecting to fit the requirement I took a look and I was like WOW, I have to join. This is exciting. So WOOP here I am.    For the record, I'm crazy. Not yet certified but hey ya never know,  I live in NYC and you know about our trains, I heard the crazy train people are recruiting too so I'm applying left and right lmao.    I volunteer at the Edgar Cayce Center and work in a hospital. I love my life and hwo I am and I can't wait to co-exist with you fine specimens.    So ask me anything, I'm an open book   P.S. I'm waaayy too nervous to talk in that Teamspeak and I hate interrupting conversation but I'll try it's scary though...scary. 
  15. Welcome to the forums Blackhero6 :) If you have any questions, aside from the personal message you received and other resources -- you are welcome to PM me as well. See you around!

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