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  1. Aku added a post in a topic: ESO March 17th, whose playing and where?   

    I haven been playing the past 2 months, and have to say Im throughly enjoying it. If you guys need any help with anything or a DPS for a dungeon, hit me up @Aku.
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  2. Aku added a post in a topic: Skyforge   

    I love the look of this game! It reminds me of a better looking Phantasy Star Online and the gunner modes made me drool. So I am definitely putting this on my radar.
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  3. Aku added a post in a topic: Play 2 Crush, aka Crowfall   

    No PVE Raids and no trinity......this game is off my radar now.
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  4. Aku added a post in a topic: Let talk about Elite: Dangerous   

    Been playing Ed for the past couple of weeks and I love it so far. I even bought a flight stick because of it. I see this as training for SC haha
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  5. Aku added a post in a topic: GW2 Expansion   

    Loved GW2, just want a little more PvE progression outside of armor/weapon skins and more fights that aren't zerker/stack/kill boss in 30 secs.
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  6. Aku added a post in a topic: ESO F2P March   

    The recent 1.6 patch just went to the PTS and apparently is doing a lot of big things. Lots of needed class changes, weapon skill line changes, introduction of the cash shop (not P2W at all) and the long awaited justice system. Word on the PTS so far is that the game is pretty brand new with the changes and feels a lot better than what it currently is. 
    Im probably going to give this a go this weekend.
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  7. Aku added a post in a topic: Castle Siege Stream   

    Hey everyone,
    Docgotgame and his guild will have their castle sieged by an enemy guild today at 5pm EST. Seems like it will be pretty big and interesting. Those interested in large scale AA PvP might want to take a look.
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  8. Aku added a post in a topic: PSA:Founders or Credits   

    Speaking of these credits, do we know if we use credits in alpha, will we either have the items we bought for live or will we have those points reimbursed for live?
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  9. Aku added a comment on a calendar event: GA Attunement | Organized Reputation Grinding   

    Medic DPS, gear is pretty subpar. I have some blues from veterans and rep.

    What veteran adventures are you comfortable with?: 

    Do you have the knowledge, willingness and ability to lead a group yourself:
    I do not as I haven't done many adventures on veteran.

    What is an approximation of your current Exile Reputation?:
    About 21k
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  10. Aku added a calendar event in Community Events   

    Aku' Stream Wildstar launch Party

    Come with me, friends, and fellow TLers for some WIldstar Launch action!

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  11. Aku added a calendar event in Community Events   

    Aku's Evening Stream

    Aku's Evening Stream

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  12. Aku added a calendar event in Community Events   

    Aku's Mid day Stream

    Aku's Mid day stream

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  13. Aku added a post in a topic: I got something of yours :)   

    Would be funny if it were his character name lmao
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  14. Aku added a post in a topic: Team Legacy "Essentials" Addon List + Download Link   

    So many great addons! Been meaning to look for a bunch of these but no longer need to :) Great post!
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  15. Aku added a post in a topic: Multi-Screen Support   

    Perfect! Thank you very much for the information!
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