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  1. Don't we all?
  2. 'Ello! Welcome to the community!
  3. Hi Lava! Nice to meet you! I love fluffy adorable cats.
  4. That sounds deadly.
  5. Yes please!
  6. Did you say dragons... Err, I mean Hi!!!
  7. Hey Metic/Matt! Welcome to our forums! You should totally roll a Medic.   (btw, your twitter and twitch in your profile: you only need to put the username, not the whole url)
  8. Hai Tora! Welcome to our Forums!     I <3 you, Hez.
  9. I love your sig, Doomgrin! :D

  10. Hey Carbonal!   Welcome to TL! You're sure to have lots of PvP fun.
  11. Hey Filanwizard!   Thanks for saying hello; looking forward to your app!
  12. Nice to "meet" you too, Andarus!
  13. It's telling me I have to vote in "both" polls. As in the first one and "Continued"
  14. Are we going to be setting a date for the Logo Contest soon?
  15. OOOH A FOX.   I like the middle one on the first page a lot Ryuubi. It looks like a wing. Cuz we're sooo flyyy

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