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  1. Looking to get a game going this saturday or sunday afternoon.  Any takers?  contact me on slack.
  2. Twice a month we like to hold a quick (30 minutes or less) meeting to keep people up to date with happenings inside and outside our organized chapters.  We hold these meetings on teamspeak and include announcements of upcoming events, donation drives, contests, news on upcoming games, and always end with a giveaway. We do not expect everyone to be able to make these meetings.  They are not mandatory.  However, we provide meeting notes for people who couldn't make it.  You can find the meeting notes in this google drive folder.
  3. Almost two years ago I asked for help playtesting a game called Triumph and Tragedy.  This is a board game that has since been fully produced and I have my physical copy on the way (it arrives on Tuesday yay!)  We had quite a lot of fun and I'd like to repeat that with the finished version! They just released the updated Vassal module (a system that lets you play online in real time for free) and I'd be interested in playing with some of you fine Legacy folks again.  It can take about 4 hours to play a game, but can be saved for later if needed.  I can teach it in about 25-30 minutes and is quite intuitive and easy to pick up for the amount of depth involved. Post here if interested and we can try to setup some games.  I'm available in the evenings (after 6:30pm ET) on weekdays and the mornings/afternoons/early evenings on the weekend. Note: It is a 3 player game and will only work well with 3.  The rules are posted here if you wish to review them yourself, but teaching is easy and short (compared to other games in the genre).  There is quite a bit more information and images on the board game geek entry as well.
  4.   I've been playing this recently.  It's surprisingly enjoyable.  It starts slow as people expand into empty areas and discuss alliances, non-aggression pacts, and  demilitarized zones.  Eventually, one alliance or another starts a war, one or two players become clear threats and a final climax of combat determines the winner. I was super impressed by the interface, and it's pace means you only need to check in every 5 or 6 hours to make changes to your plans.  If anybody wants to join in a TL game please post your interest here and I'll organize it and email invites to the email you have registered on this site. More information here:  <--- It's available on android and IOS and is Free to play ($10 if you want to create private games and play in ranked games).
  5. Titanfall has been out for quite some time and it's on sale: $10 for the full game (plus free map packs). It is a very solid game and worth a good 40 or 50 hours of enjoyment. Thus, we're organizing a Titanfall weekend to get everybody playing at the same time, whether old or new.  Join us on Teamspeak this weekend and enjoy a great game!   Even better: Origin is giving everyone 48 hours to try Titanfall for free!  Now you have no excuse not to join us!
  6. Titanfall Community Weekend

    Titanfall has been out for quite some time and it's on sale: $10 for the full game (plus free map packs). It is a very solid game and worth a good 40 or 50 hours of enjoyment. Thus, we're organizing a Titanfall weekend to get everybody playing at the same time, whether old or new.  Join us on Teamspeak this weekend and enjoy a great game! Even better: Origin is giving everyone 48 hours to try Titanfall for free!  Now you have no excuse not to join us!
  7. If you've ever wanted to jump into the Paradox Strategy Playground, now would be a good time.  You can get Europa Universalis plus *all* six expansion packs for ~$45 right now from the Paradox website. Now there is a difference between the "flavor" DLC and the official "expansions."  The flavor DLC adds nation-specific graphics and sometimes nation specific events, but the expansions actually add new content and update existing game mechanics.  You can find descriptions of each of the expansions here, as well as the Flavor packs: But if you were to ask me, grab all the expansions plus the base game for $45.  If you're just looking to dip your toe in, here's the order of the best/most impact to least. Base Game - $10 - (You don't need the "Digital Extreme" Version unless you really like the idea of playing with muslim empires in the middle east)Art of War $6.70 - Provides a lot of "Quality of Life" benefits around declaring war/making peace and fighting wars.Common Sense $11.20 - Allows you to "develop" your various territories over time, as opposed to the fixed value in the base game (all territories have a base value of tax/goods/manpower they produce, this expansion lets you spend resources to improve those values)Wealth of Nations $3.40 - Provides general upgrades to the way trading works, which all nations participate in to some degree.El Dorado $7.49 /  Conquest of Parasie - $4.99 - Each of these provide benefits if you are playing in the new world (either as a colonial empire or one of the natives like the Maya).  They are both good, though I think El Dorado is slightly better, if only because the random new worlds that are generated by CoP are fairly weird/goofy (though they are working on that for next patch/expansion)Res Publica $1.69 - If you wanted to play as the Dutch or an Italian Merchant Republic, this adds some pretty cool mechanics.  Otherwise it doesn't really add anything.  However, I would argue that playing the Dutch or Merchant republics is a ton of fun, so this is worth getting,, especially as it is so cheap!Another thing worth noting is that the base game got upgrades every single time an expansion was released.  They kept some new features for the expansion and gave a ton away for free in the form of a patch.  There is also a large mod community creating some great mods for this game.   The one problem that people run into is "getting started."  Paradox games are super complex and it's hard to really know what to do.  The tutorial does an *ok* job explaining it, but if you have any questions feel free to catch me on slack/TS and I can walk you through it.  
  8.  Looks like a 3d World of Warships.  I'm in!.  Probably Free to Play?     Click here to sign up:
  9. What Ship Will be Your Primary?

    I'm really wanting a Carrack, and it will probably be the first ship i buy after we get into the persistent universe.  That's probably the one I'll be flying in exploration or C2 for ops.
  10. World of Warships

    We have a ton of people playing on TS most nights, usually around tiers 4-6 right now.
  11. No Man's Sky Hype

    I've had my eye on this one for a while.  The seemless movement from space to planet is super impressive.  The tech they've developed for this game is going to make a really immersive experience. It reminds me a lot of Homeworld from it's visual style.
  12. Good movies?

    Fury was crazy.  It was a spectacle for the eyes and ears, though they certainly wasted a lot of water for a post-apocalyptic civilization.....
  13. People post all the sales for all the different platforms there (GTA V is 33% off today!).  At least once or twice a month something will catch my eye, be it a humble bundle or a steam sale I didn't know about, or a sale from a 3rd party site that gives out steam keys.  There are often really good deals   Oh, and if you're building a computer, consider subscribing to
  14. Insurgency Night (Tactical FPS)

    Join us this Saturday for another community event.  This time it's Insurgency, a realistic tactical shooter reminiscent of counter-strike.  It costs $15 on steam but has been a big hit in the community recently, so if you pick up a copy you'll likely have a lot of friends to play with.  If you'd like some help, pop into the channel ahead of time and we'll give you some help getting started.
  15. Heroes of the Storm Night

    Join us this Saturday for some fun games of Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA from Blizzard which is still in closed beta.  Don't have a key?  Don't worry!  We have 9 keys to give away.  Simply PM Bridger on the forums and he'll send you a key (while supplies last). If you'd like some quick pointers, meet at 7pm to chat with Bridger and get some starting advice before diving in to the fun!