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  1. wow! Eureka 7, im on episode 41 or something(where they enter the zone) and I'm loving the series! Thanks for the recommendation. I kinda like it with the anti-government group, like in Full metal alchemist. I really like Eureka 7 and FMA style animes. Thanks for the recommendation again :D
  2. Anyone want to help me out in GW1? I'm new and lvl 8 :3
  3. Anyone ever played 12 sky 2? I used to play it and it had kinda of a WvW, where factions would invade each other lands for holy stone that gave buffs. Just wondering x) the game had good pvp and world pvp.
  4. I got the key and the game is really fun Here are some of the sites that are giving them away if you guys cant wait to get in the beta Hope this helps ^^
  5. Hey, Poet here, I'm 15 and I live in California. I hope I can hang out with you guys and play some GW2 . Right now I play CSS and CS:GO, I love to scrim, so if you guys do play let me know. I mostly play on the weekends because I have school . My rpg experience is low, if you guys heard of Twelve Sky II, i played that alot, it had good pvp. I went around trying tons of other rpgs but none seem to be to my liking. But I'm sure that GW2 will be great for me :D

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