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  1. I suspected the same, I figured 14 for 100k was about as good as it was going to get with the game's (almost) death decided in less than 2 months. Prices will drop as demand falls, although consumables will probably rise as the last wave of people try to get HoM in a rush before GW2 release.
  2. Cerise ending up helping me out massively and I got GWAMM. I apologize but I also gave him the candy canes as it was the only thing I had to show my undying gratitude.
  3. I've got 250 candy canes you can have. I still need 4847 Drunkard points for GWAMM so if you have anything left over let me know.
  4. Don't think I will honestly. If I'm just a few points from a thing I want I might get those few points but early level equipment doesn't appeal to me like a good title does and the HoM Titles aren't that great.
  5. I'm stuck at 29/30 here. Unfortunately I've only got around 100k left in assets so I don't have enough to get drunkard yet. I don't suppose there is some secret alcohol farm I don't know about is there?
  6. You dropped Persona 4? I liked it near the end where the MC's stats were high. 46 days eh, you still have a huge amount of unseen gems. I only use MAL to keep track of what I've seen.
  7. I wouldn't consider it an anime because it isn't a Japanese animation but I also really enjoyed it.
  8. What you say about my AD Soraka? Don't make me get out the bananas...
  9. There is another person writing an Elementalist guide?
  10. Are we keeping that awesome intro? In future with tournaments the only way it could be cooler is with a short player bio or gaming history or favorite champions/builds(In GW2)
  11. Looks like I was conscripted.
  12. Yea, mapping out, it seems to lack EotN but otherwise it really is an amazing program. You can click an area and it will show you the elites you don't have and where the bosses are. It also does the regular where you can find a specific elite, but that first function sold me on it. It's really cool.

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