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  1. Wahoo!!!  I remember when the kickstarter for this was going on, trying to convince everybody to donate.   Put in for the $110 to get Alpha, coming this August.  I'm glad this is at least on TL's radar.  If all goes as planned, CU will be what we hoped GW2's WvW could be.
  2. Everybody...give money...now! I wanna play this game so bad XD
  3. Fel, that's possibly the greatest craigslist ad I've read in a looong time lol.
  4. Your accent and posh tea drinking make you old...
  5.   Glad to have you back in any capacity And as far as strategy, I'm gonna say you have more real world experience than most of us
  6.   This plus the problem that I haven't gotten my hands on a near complete game, so I honestly can't be sure how they will fare against each other.
  7. Yessssss! Such an amazing show that didn't get the credit it deserves.
  8. I always had these complaints with wow pvp. The skill cap is somewhat high, but the gear imbalance to start with, and has been for 5+years, extremely stupid. They're essentially telling the community that somebody newer to the pvp scene can't even break in due to the gear imbalance. Tl:dr WoW has done this crap for years, people still subscribe, I'm gonna play better MMOs in the future.
  9. As far as founder's points items go, I'll be going for the fun/cheap items:   Priority Login Weapon Glow Death Animation Sit Animation Sparks Flying Additional Storage Special Animations Total: 80   $110 Package includes alpha access and 55 founders points, plus $25 for 30 additional founders points allows for all items with 5 left over.   I don't have the money to spend on the high end ones, but this gives me a lot of play time plus perks I enjoy for very little in comparison. 
  10. Uh oh spectator mode is only a maybe for launch...
  11. Their ctf sounds amazing. If it works as promised it will be far more fun than WSG.
  12. And it really depends on how high the subscription fee is, and how long you decide to play the game.  It could be an amazing investment, or a shoot.
  13. I'm not sure how much I'm going to pitch in.  I'll pitch in whatever I can after I go to hawaii.
  14. We can't jump to conclusions that it isn't possible to have "substitutions", but its a good idea. It would be similar to how GW GvG tourneys allowed for sub players.
  15. Where you been Drops!

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