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  1. Name: RocKeTjaX Form: CoE Niflheim Transfer Gaming Name: RocKeTjaX Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Able to, Have used, Always updated and ready to use. Who is the person who directed you here for registration?: Freelancer Current Title within CoE: None that im aware of. Your Discord Name: RocKeTjaX#4712 Do you have a Youtube channel or Twitch you use?: None that im currently dedicated to. What are your interests besides PvP?: Blacksmithing, Captaining/Building boats. I dont have much info on either subjects to make an informed choice but these are things I am deeply interested in most games and they apply well to CoE. Any questions for us in the forum thread?: None
  2. Good Morning Gentle! Good to see you here on the forums!
  3. Welcome Taimi! =D Nice to see you here on the forums! Is there a game you are interested in or already playing?
  4. Not sure about that, Sounds like he was born into the role to die. At least his parents thought so to name him "Mortimer" If not that then he would probably end up as the keeper of the sands of time. Equally involved with death anyways so either way it seems his destiny was to either kill or be killed =D
  5. Either that or start another game to see the changes take effect. Hopefully not but I guess its worth it for the updated materials.
  6. Thats pretty sweet. Are they kind of just bringing out a base game with certain updates over time? That would be pretty awesome to see especially if its community driven updates. 
  7. I see, Have you tried PC modded skyrim? Theres ALOT of fun stuff you can do with that. (Alot of roleplaying possibilities I mean, If your into that) And sims 4 was a downer? Im actually pretty suprised. Also, archeage is under there because I applied for that chapter (and also BD but atm im alot more into AA right now) I would suggest you apply too if your interested in becoming a fully fledged member of Team Legacy. Just gotta goto the recruitment section of the forums and read up on the questions and such.
  8. Seems legit. Pretty short intro. Dont take that the wrong way sometimes my eyes bleed from walls of text so this is a refreshing change from, you know, My eyes bleeding from words. Nice to see you here on the forums, Is there a specific game you might be interested in joining us in?
  9. Sounds like a pretty sweet job so long as your not like me and you end up burning yourself on a stove. (Sometimes when its off(haha how does that even work?)) Aaaanyways. Hope you're enjoying your time here! 
  10. Whassup Onosei! As im not an official greeter for TL I would still like to welcome you all the same. But I have to ask, Iron working? (besides that sounding so cool) does it involve fire and/or sparks? =D (Oh and sorry for the small post but its archeage time) Hope to see you in game sometime, Dont be a stranger! (Silenceiskey)
  11. Yo

    Im always ready to kill friend. Unless its time to eat, In which case ill brb into afk until I sate whatever hunger ails me then ill be back to burn/freeze/drain anything that moves.
  12. Yo

    Thanks almighty freelancer! And more thanks to aswel Shuu, I hope to get in on the values that the ArcheAge chapter has to offer and hopefully make some or alot of new friends.
  13. Yo

    RocKeT jaX here to tell you a few things about myself. I dont really like talking about myself that much so excuse the awkward attempt.    Im in love with killing things for the most part, certain weapons make for a better time. I love using bows and magic. Or sometimes just using those fallen before me todo all the work while I reap all the rewards. Ive met a few friends on the way! Much like myself they like shedding blood in the name of something greater than themself but ive always liked to kill in my own name. Of course ill direct it towards the enemys of the banner I reside under, but seeing the blood or even their souls torn from their bodies is all I need to feel sated. Oh and food, Good food is what keeps me able to perform these feats right?   I hope you aswell will enjoy killing beside me, As everyone needs to die we can improve on that time, Im sure of it! Hopefully one day the killing will be in the form of sacrifices when we transcend as gods, and end up flooding their village of Hitawankae anyways, We are all just evil like that arent we? Anyways. I hope you dont find my love for the crimson liquid to be too unnerving, Non of those here are at any risk of course! Just point me at the enemy and im sure they wont bother us again.   Oh and some side likes and dislikes, just so we are on the same page!   Likes: Friends, Family, Love, Death, Sometimes life. SPEED (Did I not mention? I mean its in my name after all!)   Dislikes: People I dont know (Let me learn you up.) Large gatherings of people (Unless its a party! Or a hunt.) The taste of pepsi [isded]   Oh and quick edit, ArcheAge, Black Desert, Star citizen. These are the games I wish to partake in. (In that order)
  14. Welcome to the forums RocKeT jaX :) If you have any questions, aside from the personal message you received and other resources -- you are welcome to PM me as well. See you around!

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