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  1. Naga takes some time getting used to. It comes with trainers if you're having a hard time managing all those buttons. After all, your thumb is not used to all that button mashing... But i can tell you that ever since i got one, i never wanted to go back to any other mouse. I use all the buttons the naga has in GW2 and it's awesome. Just to give you an example, i have all the profession skill binded on the nage (F1 to F4), dodge,heal, utility skills and elite skill and the weapon swap bind. Which means my right hand is used for movement and for the weapon skill. If you take the time to get used to the naga you won't regret it, trust me.
  2. who in god's name is DA?
  3. I personally find Alienware to be expensive as hell. I prefer to just buy the components individually and assemble it myself. If you can't do that, you can always find a store that assembles computers and just bring the parts there.
  4. Sweeet. It's perfect the way it is Awsome work mate
  5. Sweet. Looking forward to see that piece of art :)
  6. May i ask what build is that? Since i'm starting to lvl a monk.
  7. I'll leave that up to your skillful hands :D
  8. Hey Zill, first of all gz on all the sigs you have made so far. Top notch work. Now if you have time i would love for you to make a sig for me. Something necromancer based, with my name obviously and the TL logo. Tyvm in advance.
  9. I think you should be safe with that setup. Like i said, they tested GW2 on discontinued machines on purpose, to allow GW2 to run on pretty much every computer out there now. We'll just have to wait and see how the next BWE will behave. (assuming they fix the whole cpu usage thing).
  10. In case you don't know the beta overused cpu's and underused gpu's. What i mean is that we should wait for next beta (if they fix the cpu usage on the next beta) before making any decisions regarding hardware. They tested the game on some really old machines, so in theory when they optimize the game you should be able to run the game smoother, so don't buy anything or O'c anything in the meantime. It's not worth it at this point.
  11. I like the new look. If you decide to go with it i wouldn't mind.
  12. with a closed loop system the risk of something leaking is minimal if not nonexistant. It's a matter of personal taste. For me no more air cooling for sure. i value a quiet system alot.
  13. I use a H100 and i'm never going back to air cooling. Performance wise i'm amazed despite being a closed loop system. Like Orz the only noise i have is from the case fans.
  14. The difference between the regular 2500 and the 2500K is overclocking. There really isn't a debate on which processor you should get. Get the 2500k period. Even if you don't plan on doing massive oc's and just use the auto tunning function which gets your cpu to 4.2 iirc, this alone is worth the extra bucks. If you do plan on overclocking you should really look into a good cooling unit. (actually, even if you don't plan on oveclocking get rid of the original heatsink. those are just too damn awfull) Regarding PS,i don't know what Gfx card you're gonna get, but 550w seems a bit low for the cards out there. Can you "survive" with your current one? Yes. Is it ideal for the new cpu,MB,Gfx, imho i don't think so. Just my 2 cents.

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