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  1. Dutchy is lead by Jarl Oxener Blackwood.
  2. Dutchy is lead by Duke Mythos Cardan.
  3. Name: Stabby104 Form: Bless Online Registration Gaming Name: Stabman Do you have a referral?: i blame keatz Are you able to use Teamspeak?: only can talk using memes Are you on Discord?: yes Your Discord Name: ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭:Knife: Stabby Do you have a Youtube channel or Twitch you use?: twitch and youtube under StabmanMcStabney104 Do you have any past PvP history?: yeah a decent amount im a pro minecraft pvper What do you know about Legacy/Veritas already?: i know fob is a noob Tell us about yourself in-game.: im a cutie egirl What do you feel you bring to the guild that makes you unique?: im a spy What are your interests besides PvP?: pvp Any questions for us in the forum thread?: no
  4. Dutchy is lead by Duke Ledrick Stoddart.
  5. The Kingdom of Bordweall is lead by Dleatherus.
  6. One of two guilds that lead pvp for the kingdom of kairos.
  7. [NA-E] Kingdom of Kairos is run by King Thared Richfort. Official Website for Kingdom of Kairos.
  8. The Duchy of The Stormlands is led by Jarl Morbis Alabast.
  9. Duchy of Cremoria is led by Jarl Cyneric Torrin.
  10. Duchy of Oceanus is led by Jarl Kellix Drayce.
  11. The Freehold Duchy of Zylphania is led by Jarl Bombastus.
  12. The Conclave of Aritaur is led by Jarl Duchess Aleerayn Aritaur.
  13. The Rhynelands is a two duke package dutchy with the possibility to change. The Rhynelands is led by High King Evelake Rhyne.
  14. A Grand Duchy is a Duchy that has to duke packages. The Grand Duchy of Erzhalden is led by Jarl Copin Bälen.

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