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  1. Name: Asin Form: Bless Online Registration Gaming Name: Asin Do you have a referral?: Ruokblah Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes Are you on Discord?: Yes Your Discord Name: Asin #5628 Do you have a Youtube channel or Twitch you use?: Not yet, but eventually Do you have any past PvP history?: MMORPG PvP history is mainly ArcheAge. I played in 2 guilds on the Tah Yang server, one was Arcadian Guard, the other was the pirate guild (I forget the name). For both I played a healer. On the Ollo server, I played healer and tank with Addiction. I have been PvPing within SecondLife Gor for 9 years, however, that is only a point and shoot (for ranged) and click and block (for melee) as far as mechanics go. So, yes, I understand how to work well together, but the only DPS experience I have in MMORPGs is as a tank. What do you know about Legacy/Veritas already?: That Legacy is a top PvP group, full of a bunch of really awesome people who are just as excited about CoE as I am!!! Basically, only what Ruok has told me at PAX Tell us about yourself in-game.: In Bless, I play a Berserker, and will role a Mystic after I get my zerk leveled. Just looking to get to know everyone a little better and hang out before CoE launches. What do you feel you bring to the guild that makes you unique?: Unique... nothing really. I usually play a healer, and second as a tank, (though I am swapping that for Bless, as I want to be a better tank and RU server is a great chance to learn that better). I am a really open minded person, and always up for whatever the guild needs before my self. I am through and through a team player, and play games purely for the socialization factor, so its more about the OOC then the IC factor for me. What are your interests besides PvP?: I usually take up the craft or role that everyone else hates. I don't mind the tedious tasks that drive most people up the wall. I love PvE and crafting/alternative content more so even then PvP, but I find my self balancing well in most any game I play. Any questions for us in the forum thread?: Nope

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As a gaming community by definition, we are always playing the latest releases, and we continually look for competitive large-scale formats to test our organization against other respected, well-prepared guilds and communities. If the title is competitive, and involves pitting the skill of one guild against another, we are there..