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  1. I've been wailing on about private sPvP servers for nine months. I'm serious.   So when I see today's post about how we're finally getting spectator mode and private servers to set up, I'm unsure if I'm supposed to be happy or unbelievably pissed. You want to know why? Because there is almost NOBODY playing sPvP in a competitive sense any more. This isn't putting a lock on a barn when the chickens have escaped. This is putting a stick in the holes and saying 'yeah, that'll hold it for a while' when the whole FUCKING barn has burnt down, leaving only the door intact. You had NINE WHOLE MONTHS to fix this shit, ArenaNet, and guess what? NOBODY CAN BE BOTHERED WITH YOUR SHIT ANYMORE. My entire guild has left the game for other places. I don't know a single person who takes the game seriously anymore. Hell, we were promised PROPER tournaments organised by ArenaNet, NONE OF THEM HAPPENED EITHER.   As for “Oh, it'll pick up like LoL, they didn't have spectator mode lol”, I already addressed that in one of my articles, Riot bleeds over five million dollars to pay salary to 16 teams to keep their scene alive now. We've had games like ShootMania: Storm come with the backing of entire tournaments and teams and fail miserably in capturing an audience. Dota 2 is still growing and Valve have to make entire systems for tournament organisers to use and respond to broken live games in their spare time. And don't even get me started on Starcraft or the fighting game scene.   You're too late. Almost all of the good guilds left two months ago. Almost all of the sponsors and tournament organisers left about four months ago. This shit won't fly anymore. We were promised this from the very beginning that you were doing everything to make it awesome and when you make something like that, people expect you to actually deliver. Having that delivery nine months old is like a pizza delivery that came nine hours late and gone mouldy and everyone is like “Huh, when- Oh, we ordered that ages ago but it never came, sorry, we went somewhere else to eat".   You ran out of ink  ">, too, didn't you,  "> you bastards.
  2. Starting to get of the opinion "Don't say it, put it in already".   WvW Culling got fixed in that beta patch. So what do they do? THEY TOOK IT OUT.   sPvP is dead. We've heard "WE'RE GONNA GIVE YOU CUSTOM SERVERS SOON" for about 3-4 months now. It'll be impossible to get players back.   Just do it already. You've taken too long, and players are leaving.    EDIT: I'll keep this as-is, just saying that I'm angry right now at how GW2 has been going. 
  3. Just got a beta key at a LAN a few days ago.   I think I've fallen in love. It takes out EVERYTHING in the shooter genre and makes you focus on two things only: Running and shooting. And it just works. Like, I didn't expect something so bland and simple in it's ideas could be so good. There's only two weapons to even think about and master.    I have no idea why I enjoy this so much.    Also it's brilliant with Justice in the background playing.    Graphics are on the level of "I'd complain, but I can see why they did it". It's basically designed to run on anything, and you can build your own maps, which takes the looks down. But it works because it makes it easier to identify stuff and move around. Like I said before, it simplifies everything. I would argue they could have make the Tron guys better looking though.    So yeah. ShootMania. Woo. 
  4. http://disney.kids.yahoo.co.jp/game/pooh.html   Protips: Upgrade button is in the bottom right, top is strength, middle is "accuracy", bottom is speed.    Welcome to hell.
  5. I have 5 Dota 2 keys in my steam account, willing to give them to TL members for free! Steam: CorruptDropbear
  6. Supports finally getting some love.
  7. I'm happy to be a hard support, if needed. That being said, yes, I am usually pretty bad at this, and any learning help would be appreciated. I think the main thing right now is to actually learn how to play efficiently and as a team.
  8. http://www.cyborgmatt.com/2012/11/dota-2-14th-november/ Updated test patch also contains a chatwheel that says common sayings... Next hero predicted to be ported is Medusa. --- As for Slark, I'm actually quite interested in him. He seems to be a good "pubstomper" considering that nobody buys true sight, and he can snowball a lot if you let him get into the action.
  9. GG game was hard
  10. Uuuuhhhh.... gaming?
  11. The best site for finding times and English commentary for Dota 2 competitive matches is http://www.joindota.com. As a plus, it's also the house of TobiWan, one of the best English streamers. Also, it might sound weird, but the best place to get some general guides is the original Dota website at http://www.playdota.com/guides. While the item pictures do look weird, the amount of accuracy between Dota 1 and Dota 2 mean that you can apply these guides visa-versa! Finally, insulting? A little. Useful? Extremely. http://www.purgegamers.com/welcome-to-dota-you-suck is the best guide to how to start playing Dota and gives you a basic rundown of EVERYTHING quickly.
  12. I'll stick with the basics and say Dota 2 is more geared towards being balanced towards higher-level play compared to LoL which is balanced towards casual play. There's a few main features that I prefer as well that make the game better personally... No resign feature. Don't hate me here, but the 20 minute resignation feature in LoL forced such a negative attitude and play-style in that players would immediately give up near the 20 min mark just because they can't be bothered fighting while they're behind. Dota 2 doesn't let you do that, and I believe it allows for a much better game when your teammates are forced not to give up until the ancient is dead. I've had hour-long games where we've come back from a 20-kill loss lead to win from behind. In addition, some heroes depend on this lategame in order to be absolute trainwrecks, turning it into a interesting race against time. Those are the BEST games I've played. The penalty system is much better. In LoL, the way this is implemented makes it easy to report everyone for everything and just blame it on your team. This doesn't happen in Dota 2 as much because there's no "Report for doing bad play". It recognises that people have off days and the only reason to truely report is Intentional Feeding and abusive language. I've had a game where one person on our team was yelling how two people on the team (me and another) were feeding and we were getting reported, the entire team AND the opposite team actually laughed and said sorry for our teammate as they had him before. It was just a more friendly community. And that giving points to people who you liked? Dota 2 did it first. GRAPHICS AND SKINS. While LoL is very cartoony and has about every single skin in every single theme, Dota has a set fantasy epic style and KEEPS TO IT AND LOOKS AWESOME. Truly free. All characters unlocked from the beginning. No stupid runes that make you useless in a competitive game for being underlevelled. And you can EARN ITEMS TO WEAR INGAME in addition to buying them. Yeah. Also, the LoL metagame is extremely passive compared to Dota 2. In LoL, a few early kills determine the game as most people say because of how passive it is. You can't say that in Dota, it's possible to come back and there's a lot more action and teamfights. Most games have over a kill a minute. Also, you couldn't see anything like this sort of split-second teamplay:
  13. Dropbear (sometimes known as CorruptDropbear) http://steamcommunity.com/id/CorruptDropbear
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sT54IEORII shouldn't post right after but couldn't resist EDIT: NINJA'D Uhh...Yue, you...? You! Or Ew. Or Ewe. Or... I have no idea.

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