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  1. Venomania added a post in a topic: Current Top Picks for "Gaming Keyboards"   

    It's shocking how much of a difference Mechanical makes, and that isn't just gaming specific. A basic of basics example is the feeling. I had to hook my USB one up to enter BIOS for some odd reason, my Mechanical doesn't 'switch on' until the OS is booted. So I plug it in and oh my god... the feeling is so soft and strange now I really dislike it. Once you go mechanical you won't go back!

    I personally picked up a TT E-sports Meka Lite for my first Mechanical. With a very minimalistic setup it has no windows key and the buttons between the keys and numpad are not present. They squash the arrow keys inwards into the actual board and I have to admit I really like it. Feels odd trying to type on a normal keyboard. I personally use Cherry black because I'm a little heavy handed, but if you have a softer touch they might be a little too tough for you. The oddest thing about mechanical for me was how gentle a touch you need for it to register as a press. For a long while simply resting my thumb on the spacebar would register and make me jump casing me to loose casts or exit prone or simple space too much when typing. I swiftly got over that though.
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  2. Venomania added a post in a topic: Diablo III Won't Launch With PvP to Ensure No More Diablo III Delays   

    Everything about the game just feels so hashed together and rushed. They've had a few people leave during the development process too. Now they're just releasing an incomplete game. I wouldn't be surprised if they delay the PvP patch a few times <.<
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  3. Venomania added a post in a topic: This is how the French do it.   

    His Best work is the Mario Cart, driving around being a total badass. I wonder what hi arrest record is like by now lol. The elevator stuff though, super funny. Makes me giggle alot
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  4. Venomania added a post in a topic: Post your wallpaper!   

    Let's see, thing's like these



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  5. Venomania added a post in a topic: League of Legends Chinese Mini Series   

    Reminds me of the WoW series I am MT, I don't know if anyone ever saw those. They were amazing lol
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  6. Venomania added a post in a topic: CPU Temp Issues   

    I've bought some Arctic Silver and some Compressed Gas. Will see in 2 days if the issue is thermal paste/dust.
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  7. Venomania added a post in a topic: CPU Temp Issues   

    Long story short. My CPU is the slot LGA755 Q9550. It's OC'd @ 3.5 to match my FSB to the RAM. It's been stable and perfectly fine for months and months. Earlier today for no reason I got an OS crash. I used to get them before I replaced my RAM, I'm guessing it was a RAM issue. OS will freeze and I get a long beep. However now, my CPU temps are crazy. Normally I would idle at 40-45C and under load hit 65C, now I'm idle from 40-50... hell I think I've hit 60 as Idle. When I loaded up BF3 I hit 80/90. WAY ott.

    SpeedFan is showing my CPU fan to have an RPM so I assume It's not broken... I'm not a comp person neither do I know someone I can ask near me. Any ideas? Is the CPU fan dead?

    My cpu skill? I can replace my cpu and what not, I'm a quick learner but I'm not a huge Pc hardware person.

    This is really worrying me <.<

    Idle temps going between these two

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  8. Venomania added a post in a topic: Legacy's epic avatars and signatures!   

    Gavers Avatar reminds me of Flubber... and now I need to watch that movie -.-

    I really like the TL Logo, very sleek and modern. Fitting for a professional grade team.
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