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  1. It's shocking how much of a difference Mechanical makes, and that isn't just gaming specific. A basic of basics example is the feeling. I had to hook my USB one up to enter BIOS for some odd reason, my Mechanical doesn't 'switch on' until the OS is booted. So I plug it in and oh my god... the feeling is so soft and strange now I really dislike it. Once you go mechanical you won't go back! I personally picked up a TT E-sports Meka Lite for my first Mechanical. With a very minimalistic setup it has no windows key and the buttons between the keys and numpad are not present. They squash the arrow keys inwards into the actual board and I have to admit I really like it. Feels odd trying to type on a normal keyboard. I personally use Cherry black because I'm a little heavy handed, but if you have a softer touch they might be a little too tough for you. The oddest thing about mechanical for me was how gentle a touch you need for it to register as a press. For a long while simply resting my thumb on the spacebar would register and make me jump casing me to loose casts or exit prone or simple space too much when typing. I swiftly got over that though.
  2. Everything about the game just feels so hashed together and rushed. They've had a few people leave during the development process too. Now they're just releasing an incomplete game. I wouldn't be surprised if they delay the PvP patch a few times <.<
  3. His Best work is the Mario Cart, driving around being a total badass. I wonder what hi arrest record is like by now lol. The elevator stuff though, super funny. Makes me giggle alot
  4. Let's see, thing's like these Or Or
  5. Reminds me of the WoW series I am MT, I don't know if anyone ever saw those. They were amazing lol
  6. I've bought some Arctic Silver and some Compressed Gas. Will see in 2 days if the issue is thermal paste/dust.
  7. Long story short. My CPU is the slot LGA755 Q9550. It's OC'd @ 3.5 to match my FSB to the RAM. It's been stable and perfectly fine for months and months. Earlier today for no reason I got an OS crash. I used to get them before I replaced my RAM, I'm guessing it was a RAM issue. OS will freeze and I get a long beep. However now, my CPU temps are crazy. Normally I would idle at 40-45C and under load hit 65C, now I'm idle from 40-50... hell I think I've hit 60 as Idle. When I loaded up BF3 I hit 80/90. WAY ott. SpeedFan is showing my CPU fan to have an RPM so I assume It's not broken... I'm not a comp person neither do I know someone I can ask near me. Any ideas? Is the CPU fan dead? My cpu skill? I can replace my cpu and what not, I'm a quick learner but I'm not a huge Pc hardware person. This is really worrying me <.< Idle temps going between these two SpeedFan SpeedFan
  8. Gavers Avatar reminds me of Flubber... and now I need to watch that movie -.- I really like the TL Logo, very sleek and modern. Fitting for a professional grade team.
  9. The TL forums is very sleek and clean with a different colour template to GW2Fans, thinking as such I need a Signature theme change lol. Something more fitting. Also I agree btw, the odd and unusual is by far much better than the 'norm', which in itself is simply the polite way of calling someone super boring. @orz, I will pop on Ts for sure
  10. Greetings my fellow geeks, gamers and cool peeps alike. Represent *gang sign* I'll keep this short because I'm in dire need of a cup of Tea. I've been meaning to sign up for a few weeks now but just never seem to have free time! Sods Law that. As a gamer who always looks to surround himself by like minded people I've often found TL members to be great representatives of both the forum and the TL 'franchise'. On that point I've no doubt there are endless threads to read! [Didn't even say anything about myself! I'm 25 despite looking 40. The result of a miss spent youth, the result being a collection of personal stories to shock surprise and amuse friends. I'm currently a New Writer for GW2Fans] With that said I'm in no rush to sink my teeth in too deep, instead it's much more enjoyable to slowly get to know everyone over time. I hope to meet and greet each one of you, in some thread somewhere on the forums! Over the coming months leading up to the release of GW2. ;)
  11. Welcome to TL Venomania :)

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