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  1. Dracut added a post in a topic Guild Wars 2 Class Poll   

    I actually have a 80 Engineer who I would love to try as a front liner playing the new spec, If not I have an 80 Warrior and Guardian, and Necro and Thief lol. 
    Or I could just play my Mesmer and tank with me clones 8)
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  2. Dracut added a post in a topic Guild Wars 2 Expansion: Our glorious comeback?   

    The post I've been waiting for. Let's do this. I've been playing since TL left and have missed that TL feel on the battlefield.
    My clones and I are ready!
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  3. Dracut added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Hello TeamLegacy, I am stoked to play some GW2 with you and even do a little LoL with you when I get a chance.

    I have been more of a TS3 listener then a talker but I've appreciated listening to your discussions while I work from home.

    I've been playing MMO's since Everquest and was die hard into PvP in DAoC and then moved to Warhammer. There are not words that cannot express my enthusiasm for GW 2. I played a dervish in the first Guild Wars but I am stoked to play a warrior in this iteration of the GW universe.

    I've been reading over the forums and have loved everything I've been reading. Thanks for all your input and interest in improving strats and coop gameplay.
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