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  1. My family has been playing a lot of tabletop recently. This sounds great. We have been mainly playing Super Dungeon Explore and King of Tokyo. Had a lot of fun playing Sentinals of the Multiverse. Very fun deck building game on steam. Also check out Armello. Pretty fun game on Steam.
  2. Open Beta Oct 8 thru Oct 12 on all platforms
  3. Dracut   Dracut.6012  Sea of Sorrows Add me.. I'd be willing to move servers  
  4. Name: Dracut/Drakit Class: Esper Role: DPS Leveling: PvX
  5. I moved away from Tele Strike as soon as Frenzy opened up to me. I lvl solo with a simalar build just have con blades in there too.
  6. Hello,   Just got in and i made an Esper called Drip.   Sorry it doesn't match my TL forum name
  7. Requesting access a3lederer@gmail.com
  8. Seems like the 780 is sold out atm at newegg and tigerdirect. The company selling at amazon has it for $100 more then listed at evga site. Going to get one of those but will wait till stock is back up.
  9. Thanks for the notes. Definately have to wait to see what other classes get revealed before choosing. Though Esper does sound great.
  10. "What's it going to do? Nibble our bums?"   count me in for raids/warplots/anything
  11. I am still checking my Spam box

  12. I loved those JK games also, I remember playing those at Lan parties when we were done with our Starcraft fights

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