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  1. The Song Thread

    I think im about a month late on this album realease but man its awesome if you like ska or punk its kinda mixes the two but makes its own distinc sound  '> Also this is lead singers Folk cover of the song where he first thought them up '>
  2. Playstation at E3

  3. Hey guys not sure if anyone been playing but i got wednesday and thursday off anytime is good for me
  4. I got the next three days off work long weekend ...mid week but ya looks like and can get a bit in on wednesday then thursday friday we can power it up. see you guys soon
  5. New Character trailer...in case you guys miss me
  6. Hey guys I'm at work for the weekend won't be able to play. If you want to keep playing its all good with me ill try and keep up for when we play again sometime
  7. dorksmetal, mab couldn't joine us, so there is one spot left if you would like to joine we just finished the starter zone if you dont mind joining in a little late
  8. LolZ well i found you on steam so just send me a message when we are down for a game
  9. Im good for wednesday and sav you gotta do the EnZo capital on the Z if not i have voison on steam we can connect through him....im bad with online ids XD sorry
  10. EnZo is my steam id should have the same icon too, and YA VOISON!! never played with you but i hear good things...that and kpop XD. look forward to this game
  11. I would be down for playing through ether with ya, co-op is always funner (yes its word >.>) than single player, my steam ID is the same as this one add me and give me a shout when your one hopefully i wont be busy the times your up for playing right now i have monday wednesday and friday night free, but that's pacific time (BC Canada), PEACE!
  12. New Episode...ending again on some epic stuff, gotta say been waiting for a good seasonal anime since FMA
  13. Name: EnZo   The questions about what times are best are just to get an idea, it’s not binding. It would be appreciated if all times could be converted to EST, so that we can compare easily. Loosely, the best times and days for me to play would be: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Anytime before 5pm Pacific Time or after 9:30pm   I can’t play on the following days/times: All other times that aren't listed above   How often would you like to play? (Select all that apply) [ X ] Once a week [ X ] Once every other week [ X ] No strict schedule [ X ] Other: Anytime is good for me. Comments:   [  ] From 1 - 5, how experienced are you with tabletop games like D&D? 1 = no experience, 5 = very experienced. Comments:   If you have played before, which editions/games have you played and which would you prefer to play? No Experience But I enjoy the Forgotten Realms Setting    Do you have experience being a DM? If so, would you be willing to DM? Which editions/games would you be willing to DM? N/A   If you have not been a DM before, would you be interested in starting now? It’s a great time to start! (We have experienced DMs that can help get you started!) Possibly after a few games   ---------   When it comes to the D&D campaign you would like to play in, how much do the following statements sound like you? (1 - 10, 1 = This isn’t me at all, 10 = You have described me exactly) The responses here could help us get like minded people together, as well as help the DM run a campaign that you’ll really enjoy.   Story: [ 6 ] I enjoy smashing monsters and collecting loot, I don’t really care about the story just as long as it puts enough goblins in front of my blade. (Combat focus) [ 8 ] I enjoy getting immersed in the story, but I want to have a reason to go into that dungeon. If a few goblins happen to get killed and their money winds up in my bags, so be it. (A mix of story and combat) [ 6 ] What’s combat? I’ve been so immersed in the story I haven’t even left the tavern yet! (Story focus) Comments:   Story part 2: [ 9 ] When it comes to the story, I like an episodic feel, with no big overarching plot - just traveling from adventure to adventure. [ 7 ] I like when there is a big, overarching story that keeps playing back into the campaign, with plenty of side quests and recurring characters. Comments:   Scenery: [ 5 ] I like the open air and grass between my toes. I like to keep it light and easy, like the Shire, not musty old dungeons. [ 5 ] Dusty dungeons? The dustier the better, that means that all the good loot hasn’t been stolen...yet. [ 5 ] I like fantastical landscapes, towering magical structure, magical flora and fauna, the more magical the better! [ 5 ] Creepy tombs and desecrated temples crawling with hidden monsters? Thats right up my alley, the scarier the better! [ 8 ] I like the sampler platter, give me a little bit of everything! Other scenery you like:  Comments:   Play style: [ 7 ] I like dungeon crawling, the more rooms the better. Let’s kick down another door. [ 7 ] I like to get in, get what I need, and get out. I get bored if the scenery doesn’t change often enough. Comments:   When it comes to difficulty: [ 7 ] Nothing too devious! I like it to stay light hearted, and not too difficult. [ 8 ] Bring it on! I check every door and chest with the pointy end of my sword to make sure its not a mimic... then I check it again. Comments:   [ 4 ] From 1 - 10, how do you like the balance of combat vs roleplay in a campaign? 1 - All combat, all the time ... 5 - A 50/50 mix of combat and RP ... 10 - All roleplay all the time Comments: N/A   If you have played D&D or another tabletop system before, what is one thing your DM has done, big or small, that you really liked?   If you have played D&D or another tabletop system before, what is one thing your DM has done, big or small, that you really disliked?   Any questions, comments, or special requests?
  14. There are 5 episodes out right now with the manga on volume 11 and the 5 episodes are only in volume 1 if read it right. Great animation and over all Epic scope check out this video for a teaser hope you guys will like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrsHwL3OawE  
  15. Favourite Anime's? (Top 5)

    Don't really have a top one but my solid 5 in no particular order is Baccano! Eureka 7 FMA (both) Cowboy Bebop/Samurai Camploo (together since they are made by the same dude) Gundam Seed There are a bunch of others i like just as much so its hard to rate them XD Death note is solid..for the first half, .hack//sign is also really good, Black Lagoon is bat shit crazy haha. and One piece isn't done yet so for me its in its own special place.

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