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  1. coil added a post in a topic A job for TL   

    the mr feng?

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  2. coil added a post in a topic LAN Release Party in Austin, TX   

    where at? and what genre of game?
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  3. coil added a post in a topic What are your hobbies?   

    i lift heavy things, eat lots of food, play games, and walk the dog.
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  4. coil added a post in a topic Current Top Picks for "Gaming Mice"   

    so my copperhead i think has finally been worn out. could anyone recommend a similar shape/height mouse? i'm most worried about feel/comfort, not how many lights, buttons, macros, etc it has.

    i was thinking lachesis but ive read a TON of reviews that state it likes to randomly stop working. that saddens me because from what ive seen so far the lachesis seems to be the most similar in size and shape to a copperhead and i'm really not thrilled about the prospects of messing with razer drivers again (had issues with copperheads on old cpu :\) or having a mouse that decides it wants to stop working randomly. deathadder/naga look too tall (the large hump) as i'm more of a claw-palm than a straight-palmer (i hold my copperhead staggered, chord @ ~10 oclock)

    i've never been too interested in logitech simply due to the feel of their material but poor reviews of their g9 series seem to be infrequent. i'm also keen on these roccat mice...the kova and kone seem pretty nice although i know very little of their manufacturer and software/drivers etc. so i'm open to straying away from razer as long as the comfort is there, the hardware is reliable, and the software is not a pain.

    i know comfort is subjective but any suggestions?
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  5. coil added a post in a topic Easter Weekend   

    you can get survivor pretty easily this weekend with vaettirs. the 150g scrolls (5 min i think?) make it a bit faster and you recoup the money spent by selling bunnies/eggs. so if youre farming may as well get the title done too ;)
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  6. coil added a post in a topic New Signature Generator   

    I agree with the above, a little too busy, crowded, etc. i prefer the simplistic ones that yall already have. And, i'd be surprised if Anet doesn't come out with their own as part of their extended experience + site overhaul.
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  7. coil added a post in a topic Public Service Announcment   

    Literally, most areas and missions you can let heroes do all the work for you. just press C and then space

    FoWsc is pretty easy to do casually for money and stuff like SoOsc is good for rare materials (hidden treasures). Zkeys through pvp are also a really good source of cash. DoA is an amazing source of money but requires a coordinated team to do it quickly & efficiently.

    if i'm in the channel let me know what youre up to. got a 2nd account i am still mulling over powering through to 50 and i can run some missions on my main sin.

    time is running out though...better get to work :)
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  8. coil added a post in a topic Remember Starcraft Universe?   

    Very cool what they're doing...and very cool of blizzard to let them do it (after a slight scare tactic )
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  9. coil added a post in a topic Current Top Picks for "Gaming Mice"   

    i have used a razer copperhead for quite a while now and i really like the fit...if they didn't have a pesky double click problem they'd be perfect (in my opinion )
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  10. coil added a post in a topic GuildWars IGN   

    sin coil
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  11. coil added a post in a topic weekend event - double factions in FA/JQ   

    you can get R4 luxon and/or kurzick really easily and quickly this weekend if you don't have both already. i was getting 7-8 min wins on lux side for 7k imperial. and the ones we didnt win it was still 4-5k imperial per loss. donating to an aligned guild, it went very fast.
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  12. coil added a post in a topic Hall of Monuments Guide   

    if yall need help with anything and im in the gw channels let me know.
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