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  1. Zintair added a post in a topic Anyone out there making forum Sigs?   

    I could definitely use some help with a sig. I am absolutely awful when it comes to PS.

    Name: Zintair
    Class: Necromancer
    Race: Dont want to include but Norn
    Team Legacy Logo, similar to how Eyedrops does in his sigs is nice.

    Colors: Some form of Green and Purple, I don;t need any Pet Minions in it just a real powerful looking Necro maybe casting something.

    Anyone interested I'd more than appreciate and I may even have cookiees! I don't need anything too serious just something cool for a Necromancer.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Zintair added a post in a topic Starting Fresh in GuildWars   

    My name is Zintair Severblade and I started with Nightfall as a Warrior
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  3. Zintair added a post in a topic Starting Fresh in GuildWars   

    Great news thanks for the responses all! Yeah I don;t necessarilly need the run through as much as understand the terms and basic requirements or a "getting started" guide as Zirith said.

    @Aku - I will be installing around 7 EST, but I need the trilogy and EotN. I'll be getting them both but need them all haha. I'll be in TS as well to harass yah as well Zirith :P
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  4. Zintair added a topic in PC Gaming General   

    Starting Fresh in GuildWars
    Hey I am going to be downloading the trilogy tonight on my computer and start getting familar with the game. I was wondering if there were any people who were lower level that wouldn't mind helping me start out. I've never really looked into GuildWars so I'd be starting fairly fresh and meaty.

    I saw another thread with some names of players so I'll try those when I finally get into the game.
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