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  1. And with that I'm gone. After all, life's too short to not live it at all.

  2. Hey everyone, Not so fun update really. Life at the moment has become particularly busy (other projects, getting university stuff in line, my job etc.) so basically for now this thread will be updated well... When I feel like it (haha). For those already having requested a sig, you're still on the list as of this point, but it might be awhile... Wish you all the best and am stoked to see you all in game soon :)
  3. You see... The thing with the Asura, is that while their armour details are diminished through their small stature, the simply fact that (unlike every other race) they look absolutely fantastic in every single armour set, which quite frankly, is wonderful.

  4. Ah the Olympics. I come for the opening ceremonies and I stay for the women's beach volleyball.
  5. Not bad, but she's not dodge rolling enough.
  6. Ooo the Shatterer, will do. I'm way behind in my signatures because of work / other stuff going on, so I unfortunately won't be able to give you an eta of your signature, but rest assured its coming.
  7. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/x9pq0/iam_bill_nye_the_science_guy_ama/ Nuff said folks, enjoy! I'm giddier than I was my first year in science class :D
  8. Great Odens Raven O_O
  9. One month to release... I really wish humans could hibernate.

  10. Took me a second to realize what you changed haha, lookin good!
  11. Alright, so here we go... Was kind of an unexpectedly busy weekend, so only got a fraction of them completed. Here you go Amoner, Please let me know if you want anything changed... I really have no idea how to make the bottom buttons links, but maybe you can do that? Edit: Apparently you need dreamweaver to do it? Don't have that program unfortunately.
  12. 5 Days till bliss, oh the wait was long.

  13. Congrats! Excellent news!
  14. Next batch of Sig's being finalized tomorrow! Be ready for em!
  15. Our live upload of our show, recorded on iPad so try not to mind the mono :P

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