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  1. And with that I'm gone. After all, life's too short to not live it at all.

  2. You see... The thing with the Asura, is that while their armour details are diminished through their small stature, the simply fact that (unlike every other race) they look absolutely fantastic in every single armour set, which quite frankly, is wonderful.

  3. One month to release... I really wish humans could hibernate.

  4. 5 Days till bliss, oh the wait was long.

  5. Our live upload of our show, recorded on iPad so try not to mind the mono :P

  6. Awh-yea! First show of the summer tonight! Gonna rock the hell out of the venue :D

  7. Ugh, so the only other Race that gets dreads other than Human and Norn are the Female Asura... I'm pretty epicly disappointed.

  8. Ugh, can't decide on whether or not I want to continue learning German or start learning French... Le' Sigh.

  9. I think I'll fire up FFIX on my PS3... It's the only one I've yet to play.

  10. Throwing this around a bit, but heck why not. http://y2u.be/hqToaDCSUYk 1 Month dread update ^_^

  11. Pro tip # 1001235: Don't dump a damn bowl of cereal directly on top of your PC. Seriously, DON'T.

  12. Not getting what this emails supposed to be about, I've yet to get it O_o

  13. It's all fun and games until you get 3v1'd.

  14. Best jam session in awhile, we're totally ready for our Gig. Slappin da bass!

  15. Cool, glad to see some new faces this week! Looking forward to chatting with you all. Also wanted to let new members know that if you feel your posts need a bit of added flare and personalization there are several TL members whom would be happy to make you a custom signature! http://teamlegacy.ne...lls-signatures/ http://teamlegacy.ne..._hl__signatures http://teamlegacy.ne..._hl__signatures http://teamlegacy.ne..._hl__signatures http://teamlegacy.ne..._hl__signatures Happy gaming!

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