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  1. Zyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Cool, glad to see some new faces this week! Looking forward to chatting with you all.

    Also wanted to let new members know that if you feel your posts need a bit of added flare and personalization there are several TL members whom would be happy to make you a custom signature!


    Happy gaming!
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  2. Zyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Welcome to all the new members! Look forward to gaming with you all next BWE (whenever that may be), and +1 to all the Canadians joining our ranks :P
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  3. Zyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    The rangers.... So many, many rangers.
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  4. Zyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Welcome to all the new members, already joked around with a few of you in TS and look forward to doing it again! :D
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  5. Zyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Where there's a will there's a way! Look forward to gaming with ya!
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  6. Zyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Hey guys and gals,

    My names Brian. I'm from Churchill Manitoba, Canada originally (waaaaay the heck up north, Polar Bear and Beluga Whale capital of the world!), but am currently studying Psychology/Environmental science at the University of Manitoba. If theres 3 things I love in life its gaming, music and workout out. Absolutely stoked for Guild Wars 2 in every possible way and cannot wait to spend every spare second I have over the summer playing it, soooo much to learn, so much to do. As far as music goes I play bass primarily and absolutely love when people request I learn a song, heck talk to me about music any time you want, and as far as working out goes? 7 days a week baby! Curls for the girls! Hahaha, but I really do love it! Hmmm what else? Oh, I'm a Vegan, for my own silly reasons (don't care what anyone else does), which makes body building that much more interesting , I'm also in the process of growing out my hair for dreads. Boy, just think about them locks makes me excited as heck. Will definitely post some before and after photos in the "RL" section, was totally stoked to find dreads as a GW2 hair choice, like HECK YEAH! Guess I really am a hippy in training!... And thats about it (unless you ask to know more!), feel free to ask for my Steam ID. Love adding friends!

    Far as active gaming goes? I play a tiny bit of HoN with my friends on the weekend, MW3 daily and Guild Wars occasionally. I'm really just trying to hold out for GW's 2 because I'm more than certain its going to be the ONLY game I play.

    And yes I while home I do see Polar Bears in my yard daily, makes going for a run that much more adrenaline filled! My cat scared one off once, absolutely hysterical.

    Will be talking to you guys a lot more hopefully!

    Cheers! ;)
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