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  1. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Hey everyone,

    Not so fun update really. Life at the moment has become particularly busy (other projects, getting university stuff in line, my job etc.) so basically for now this thread will be updated well... When I feel like it (haha). For those already having requested a sig, you're still on the list as of this point, but it might be awhile...

    Wish you all the best and am stoked to see you all in game soon :)
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  2. Zyll added a post in a topic: Olympics   

    Ah the Olympics. I come for the opening ceremonies and I stay for the women's beach volleyball.
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  3. Zyll added a post in a topic: Video: real archery speed   

    Not bad, but she's not dodge rolling enough.
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  4. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Ooo the Shatterer, will do. I'm way behind in my signatures because of work / other stuff going on, so I unfortunately won't be able to give you an eta of your signature, but rest assured its coming.
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  5. Zyll added a post in a topic: Bill Nye the Science Guy AMA   


    Nuff said folks, enjoy! I'm giddier than I was my first year in science class :D
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  6. Zyll added a post in a topic: I'm In Love   

    Great Odens Raven O_O
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  7. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Took me a second to realize what you changed haha, lookin good!
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  8. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Alright, so here we go... Was kind of an unexpectedly busy weekend, so only got a fraction of them completed.

    Here you go Amoner,

    Please let me know if you want anything changed... I really have no idea how to make the bottom buttons links, but maybe you can do that?

    Edit: Apparently you need dreamweaver to do it? Don't have that program unfortunately.
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  9. Zyll added a post in a topic: After logging in so many hours at work   

    Congrats! Excellent news!
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  10. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Next batch of Sig's being finalized tomorrow! Be ready for em!
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  11. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Second one is finished!

    atenthirtyone, here you go bud, you have a very interesting name so I decided to reflect it behind the text, let me know how you like it and if you want anything changed, please let me know!

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  12. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Okay, Odynol first of the batch.

    Let me know if you want ANYTHING changed, seriously, let me know and I'll edit it. Otherwise, enjoy!
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  13. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Hey Amoner,

    Sure thing... Umm although I'll admit I'm a little confused about the facebook/ other media icons... Like do you want just the "logos" incorporated into the image, or some kind of clickable link (not too sure how to do the latter).

    Let me know!
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  14. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    For a TL member, anything.

    Also, I just wanted to say how absolutely thankful I am that you offered me a donation. I've never been offered one before in my life for my "art" and it feels nice to be appreciated. With that though, I'll kindly decline your offer simply because as a fellow TL member I want us all to have the best forum swag around and I love making art for people, free of charge

    I'll put you on the list, gonna be a busy weekend haha!

    P.s. if you truly feel like giving no matter how much I might resist, please send Freelancer a donation instead. He runs the show out of his own pockets around here and he (and all of us TL'ers) would greatly appreciate it!
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  15. Zyll added a post in a topic: Zyll's Signatures   

    Starting my current list of Signatures tonight! I'll post them and send you all a PM when they're done (phew, finally a day off).
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Status Feed

  1. Zyll

    And with that I'm gone. After all, life's too short to not live it at all.

  2. Zyll

    You see... The thing with the Asura, is that while their armour details are diminished through their small stature, the simply fact that (unlike every other race) they look absolutely fantastic in every single armour set, which quite frankly, is wonderful.

    1. Zyll


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  3. Zyll

    One month to release... I really wish humans could hibernate.

  4. Zyll

    5 Days till bliss, oh the wait was long.

  5. Zyll

    Our live upload of our show, recorded on iPad so try not to mind the mono :P

  6. Zyll

    Awh-yea! First show of the summer tonight! Gonna rock the hell out of the venue :D

  7. Zyll

    Ugh, so the only other Race that gets dreads other than Human and Norn are the Female Asura... I'm pretty epicly disappointed.

  8. Zyll

    Ugh, can't decide on whether or not I want to continue learning German or start learning French... Le' Sigh.

  9. Zyll

    I think I'll fire up FFIX on my PS3... It's the only one I've yet to play.

  10. Zyll

    Throwing this around a bit, but heck why not. http://y2u.be/hqToaDCSUYk 1 Month dread update ^_^

  11. Zyll

    Pro tip # 1001235: Don't dump a damn bowl of cereal directly on top of your PC. Seriously, DON'T.

  12. Zyll

    Not getting what this emails supposed to be about, I've yet to get it O_o

  13. Zyll

    It's all fun and games until you get 3v1'd.

  14. Zyll

    Best jam session in awhile, we're totally ready for our Gig. Slappin da bass!

  15. Zyll

    This summers going by WAY too fast.

  16. Zyll

    I'm actually not excited at all about the upcoming stress test... It's starting to get old.

  17. Zyll

    Do it the Zyll way; because deciding on a class is too mainstream.

  18. Zyll

    I was going to be a Warrior, an Elementalist, a Ranger, a Mesmer, an Engineer, a Necromancer and a Thief... But then I realize I look too damn fine in Blue. Guardian it is.

  19. Zyll

    To the gym, to the gym, to the gym, gym, gym!

  20. Zyll

    I miss GW2 so much right now, that I'd even welcome Player vs Gate gameplay with open arms.

  21. Zyll

    Makin all kinds of gains'.

  22. Zyll

    Time to give FFXIV another try. Heck I spent 80 bucks on it 2 years ago, I might as well.

  23. Zyll

    Oh you play a Necromancer? Tell me more about how you run a Condition/Death Shroud build.

  24. Zyll

    It's Friday, Friday!

  25. Zyll

    Ah, I simply cannot wait for Friday. I'm so darn excited :)