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  1. GuildWars IGN

    GW IGN: Nai The Purple
  2. Guild Wars 2 Mantra

    I smell a completionist.
  3. Needs moar data. That being said, it will be difficult to get sizable data samples when the only way to indicate Internet "abuse" is to actually observe the behavior. Even then, that doesn't exclude other factors, as was already mentioned.
  4. EA Wins the Golden Poo

    Every time EA gets its hands on something, it begins to die a slow, painful death. I would try to save Bioware, but I'm sure it's already too late...
  5. (OLD) intro thread.

    Awkward greeting. My name is over there to the left, in case you didn't see it. I'm from Virginia, the southern state that compensates for its northern position by having the most egregious and socially-backwards legislation. I'm a professional lurker. There are likely several eyewitness accounts of me playing the Internet. That's about all I have to say. Awkward conclusion. (Is that redundant? Oh, well, who cares?)
  6. Welcome to TL Naido :)

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