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  1. Yeah I know I got the defcon's in reverse order :(
  2. IGN: HiJaxed TS/forums: Nibiru NA
  3. Yeah I did. I've been running tests through xsplit and a similar issue arose in that my own stream demonstrates the same sort of lag, and causes my gamesource (the thing that captures the gameplay) to lag despite having ~60 fps. I've posted my specs and internet speed to the Xsplit forums and the support guys say that I should be running perfectly smoothly. It turns out that many ATI graphics card users have the same issue as me. It appears to be a bug with the drivers and not the card itself. I will be trying out an nvidia card later that a friend is going to let me test, and if it works I may just get a different graphics card. TL;DR Going Nvidia over ATI
  4. Don't see a GPU usage, but the CPU averages between 6 - 9% during a stream that is always choppy for me. It does say 98% Maximum Frequency, not sure what that means though.
  5. I checked and hardware acceleration is on. CCC doesn't have anything like that.
  6. I updated my BIOS but it didn't solve the problem. I've done the AMD thing before as suggested on another website, and this did nothing. I checked out the HTML5 opt-in trial thing for youtube and it appears to work smoothly! So Could this mean that flash is to blame? And if so, what methods do I go about fixing it? Flash is auto-updated in chrome (and I double checked I have the latest version). Thanks for the help :)
  7. OS: Windows 7, SP1 Build 7601 CPU: i7-2600 @ 3.40 GHz, 4 core Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series 8GB RAM 850W PSU ASUS P8Z68-V PRO Motherboard *The video is sporadically choppy, and happens very often just not 100% of the time. *It never has to buffer, the youtube videos load very fast and I don't think the buffer issue affects the streams either. *This only happens in full screen mode (at least to this extent) *The problem arose around the time I hooked up my second monitor, but I can't be certain. I will try disconnecting the second one and seeing if this changes anything.
  8. Okay so i'm decent with computers, but that is mostly with software and such. As far as hardware I only have a standard knowledge of how things works. I did build my own computer though, so I'm familiar with the parts that went into it. Whenever I try to watch HD quality streams or youtube videos (or any other streaming content) the video is choppy when in full screen. This seems like the graphics card isn't powerful enough. I run 2 monitors with a n AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series graphics card. Is this enough? Could the problem be somewhere else? I have all the latest updates for the card, and have optimized video streaming quality and still no improvement. I've cleared my internet temp files (etc...) cache, and still nothing.
  9. I don't live in Temple, actually never heard of it but I assume it's nearby where I live (College Station) But you are right about the ping thing, many games i've played have servers in Dallas/Houston so I always have good connections.
  10. So I've lived in my current apartment for 2.5 years. The internet that comes with the rent (quasi-free) was a measly 2 mbps down and 1 mbps upload. Being a hardcore gamer and programmer, this was not enough. So I shelled out 30 bucks a months for 10 mbps/ 1mbps because it was that or the 100$ per month deal. So fast forward about 2 years later (which was this thursday) I get a notice that our internet that comes free (the crappy 2mbps) is being upgraded, which is to say they dropped SuddenLink and picked up this company that does security for the complex. I didn't think much of it until today when I ran a speed test on the new connection, and guess what... Its 50 mbps download, which is fine and dandy, 5x what I have now but... the upload is 50 mbps too! I have always wanted to stream because my computer is quite capable, I just never had the internet for it until now. Oh and the new internet is free, so I get to dump my old one! EDIT: I originally wrote 20 up and 20 down, but that test came from my laptop using wireless, I have it hooked up to my desktop now and the speed is 50/50 Mbps
  12. Queue estimated time for me is 1hr 14 min. Guess i'll be going to bed, or maybe just watching the last 3 episodes of Game of Thrones... hmm
  13. I wish. Getting a job in the video game industry has the same odds as a high-school football player being in the NFL. @Shaggs Thats a good point; i've browsed job postings with a similar goal in mind but I found they ask for a ton of skills, more than any single job requires of a person. I have a good idea what I want to do first, and I might pick up more ideas while browsing jobs like the one I want to get.
  14. That's awesome Sylv, I really appreciate the post.
  15. If anyone is planning on playing this, it goes live in less than an hour and there is a ~1gb download that is new, at least for me.

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