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  1. Check those corners and stay ever frosty!

  2. If you where there, you remember...
  3. That small blue dot is FreeLancer. I often recall him blasting people in the face dropping fools then getting shot in the face. Lead by example. 'if I die, you're not pushing hard enough.' or something like that ;P
  4. I always loved that I could mix and match gear to get just that right look.
  5. A norn is so big, that you can, in fact, fit another Norn inside one.
  6. This is a shot I took when we first got into Eternal Battle Grounds from the swamp section. I climbed up to the top of the tower and found out you could place your Treb on this high point. I took the screen shot and submitted it asking "are you sure you want me to be able to place this here?"
  7. being only slightly larger than a hornet as well as having Variable sweep wing design, the Sabre can be stationed on either an atmospheric planet or a standard flight deck of a carrier. Though the initial sale's text spec said that the Sabre has 2x size 2 weapons on its nose and the spec sheet image clearly sates it has 4x size 3 weapons. This is simply a lack of clarity. It comes equipped standard with 2x gimbled nose mounts as of the concept sail and it has the ports to equip fixed mount size 3 total 4x size 3 weapons.

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