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  1. We got your App Ashenmere, was submitted Today, 06:04 AM Ashenmere - Guild Application
  2. Hi~

    Welcome and goodluck with application! I am also a ARAM junkie.
  3. Welcome.
  4. Wow sweet bikes. Welcome to TL forums.
  5. My name is aslo Donald! Hi self! Welcome. 
  6. Goodluck with the exams. Hope to see you soon.
  7. Sup Justin, welcome.
  8. Welcome! Also, to add to what Voison said; You can visit the TL calender to view upcoming events. We have League in house Saturday nights.
  9. Ewwww D3. POE fanboy here.   Anywho, Welcome!
  10. Never to late Welcome.
  11. Welcome. See you back may 3rd. Make sure to visit http://teamlegacy.net/forum/calendar/ for other events you may be able to attend. It will be updated weekly from now on.
  12. Not sure if you recognize me but I watch your stream every now and then, good stuff. Welcome
  13. Welcome, good to see people taking up the tank roll .
  14. Will do!
  15. OHHHHHH GasMask! I just viewed your twitch channel and i remember watching you play Gw2 very often. 

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