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  1. I have the same background on my phone :D

  2. Hey there ^___^

    We're playing the better MMO, Black Desert, launching this weekend. The BnS crew (about 30ish) decided the game was crap compared to BD 1-2 weeks into betas/testing. I didnt try it myself, but the youtube reviews speak pretty well. To be fair I know a select few who like it.
  3. Name Reservation Page:   It opens @ 1PM EST (about 30 min from this email)   Launch Poll for guild members to gleefully announce you're finally ready to take the plunge:   It's needed to be done with one week! We are going off this list to know who to invite into the guilds. You can adjust answers later with Bobz in Slack, no worries.   Please also be on Teamspeak the best you can until launch and beyond it, even if it's just AFK. (Longest person online in TS gets auto-afk fishing award, and I'm sure your electric company loves you) lol.   The above survey is for applicants and members. Applicants should be attending our very final interviews this Saturday and Sunday coming up, at around 10PM EST. You simply need to be in Teamspeak around that time, well handle the rest.   Good luck getting your names all!
  4. Daily Babes

    Re-opening thread. We'll let it stay open as long as nobody crosses any lines. (no nudity, read OP, etc). Basically if you have to question it, gtfo. Bring on the hot asian models. inb4 thread closed in 1 week for someone breaking rules.
  5. BD Newsletter #3

    Going to start posting these here so those who didn't check e-mail can stay up to date.
  6. Welcome Thread

    We're the best squad.
  7. test

  8. If you are someone who is uneasy about buying an account from newgameway, or really frustrated/worried about setting up the KR client due to all the steps, read on. Newgameway/KR account: If you do not feel comfortable purchasing an account. Send a one-time donation to the community and let me know what email you sent it under. It needs to be 5 dollars for the KR account. I will send you a login name/pass within 24 hours (based on their response). This is for people who feel uneasy about it. I get it. Remote Installation/Guidance For the next couple of weeks a few of our leadership team will remotely login and help anyone needing 1 on 1 direct help with the game. This means using "Teamviewer" we will simply go in and do the steps for you, up until character creation. We are doing this for free, but only for guild members. To do this, please carefully read the following: Download and install Teamviewer. (free)Remove ALL personal/private docs/folders/pics from your desktop. If you're paranoid put them on a different USB drive and disconnect. Ez pz.Clear internet browsing history. I don't want to see your porn.Send me a PM.Understand that we will remotely be logging in, we have done this with ~15 people already privately, but you need to trust us. I (myself) and a few others do this for a living IRL (remote IT support) but some people have never seen their cursor move on their own and freak out about it. Basically if you are uncomfortable about it, don't bother me.If you want to sit there and watch what I'm doing, that's fine. Probably even better so you can show others yourself.You accept all risks and won't sue me if your PC sucks. If you have a shitty PC I will tell you that, and then it's on you.We will: Login via Teamviewer. You need to be on TS so we can setup a recurring connection. Keep your computer on for 1-2 days straight w/ internet. If your PC crashes, I cant remotely restart it.Go into your documents folder a few times (/daum games).Start the download, and then come back when it finishes (6-20 hours later). We will not be logged in during the download.Finish the installation and get your English patch working.Get you to character select and create a wizard cause wizards r OP.You're done.Uninstall/disconnect Teamviewer. Don't let anyone else remote in unless you trust/know them.It will mostly be me, but some others that are pro at getting KR to work might help as well. If this is the case, I will ask your permission beforehand. I'm doing this simply because more people = better practice. We're not going hardcore in KR, but if just one person gets into KR that otherwise wouldn't with this help, its a win. Also people have no excuses to not try it out if they've never step foot in BD before. PM me with any questions or if you need help. 
  9. The "Star Citizen" theme for the site was corrupted, so we're back to the lighter theme for now. Sorry for any trouble folks, we're working on it.
  10. Make sure you update your new character fields, and CBT2 info. We're cleaning house from complete inactives this next week.    
  11. Hello

    Nevaaar   NM someone got you already.
  12. Hiiiiii

    OMg i know you! Wildstar Alice! Welcome <3 Make sure you come hang out during CBT on teamspeak if you can. Looking forward to sharing some laughs.
  13. Introduction

    Welcome to the community
  14. Reminder, meeting @ 9PM EST.