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  1. I know we don't have a ton of people who still use the forums vs the near-thousand on our Discord, but here is the CoE signup form we just released. This starts our "official" roster and after your submission you will be given a permanent roster number on the spreadsheet. If you're one of those types that will pretty much join us last minute, but you're 100% in when it comes to launch with Legacy, then submit this form anyway so we dont ignore/forget you. Thanks! Note, if you are someone who is applying but not yet a member, please save this link and fill out AFTER we accept you. Thanks.
  2. Do you have some links? I can keep an open mind.
  3. Now that's an old name I remember there. How's things been going? Between BF1, Star Citizen etc, we're pretty busy. Any games you're looking at?
  4. Hope you guys enjoy the new theme. I decided to go with this one after some looking around for "malleable" themes. Being that we play a variety of games, this allows you to pick a background of your choice. In the top right next to your profile, click the paintbrush. Then select the background you like. If you have any other backgrounds you all enjoy that are 2560x1440 or higher, let me know and link them here!
  5. Miss you bro We haven't had any major splits or drama, many of the old faces are all still here. Not everyone is playing Black Desert though, but I'm sure you'll see many for Overwatch.
  6. Everyone has been crazy busy with Black Desert and Star Citizen, so we haven't had much time to do what we wanted to the site. I took the time to update the themes to newer available themes making full use of Google fonts and dynamically-scaling CSS with SVGs. In short, much faster loading times and crisp viewing across all platforms including mobile. I also took the time to put together a dark/light theme as well. For some, viewing a light theme is better as theyre also browsing reddit, youtube, etc. with bright white backgrounds. For others, they prefer the darker look to match environments like Star Citizen, etc. You can pick your theme at the very bottom of any page using the dropdown. I hope you guys enjoy. Me and Ruok are working hard to integrate other things (like Slack) into the overall experience as well, with the goal of having a fully-interactive website/chat(Slack)/Voice comms setup in time long before Star Citizen. -Freelancer
  7. I have the same background on my phone :D

  8. We're playing the better MMO, Black Desert, launching this weekend. The BnS crew (about 30ish) decided the game was crap compared to BD 1-2 weeks into betas/testing. I didnt try it myself, but the youtube reviews speak pretty well. To be fair I know a select few who like it.
  9. We're the best squad.
  10. test

  11. The "Star Citizen" theme for the site was corrupted, so we're back to the lighter theme for now. Sorry for any trouble folks, we're working on it.
  12. Nevaaar NM someone got you already.
  13. meow

    OMg i know you! Wildstar Alice! Welcome <3 Make sure you come hang out during CBT on teamspeak if you can. Looking forward to sharing some laughs.
  14. Welcome to the community

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