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  1. A few of us are. Eevvee and I are almost 90. Once we hit 90, we're going to do a boatload of endgame stuff. Plus we have various alts to level, also on Stormreaver.
  2. I'm brewmaster/mistweaver, and Eevvee's shadowpriest. haha
  3. Horde Stormreaver. We've got a decent number of people playing.
  4. In case the query about raiding is actually serious, Eevvee and I will be up for it in about 8 levels.
  5. Eevvee and I are still 81. Not quite there yet. Sry.
  6. Good times, Hunter!
  7. If they're any good, I probably know them (or at least of them).
  8. Eevvee (Windere) and I (Gorgonus) are down.
  9. Lvl 51 atm. Soon!   Edit: 52. And Eevvee and I got the guild level to 20!
  10. Wheel of Time series.
  11. Dat guitar!  
  12. Lonniehaskel#1963

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