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  1. If anyone has time, I've set up a question section to the forums. We'll use this to answer questions to the other members of the guild.
  2. The collab menu if most of you have noticed has an option to take you back to the home page. If we have any external link I'll add them to this menu for an easy access. This way we don't have to dig through different threads containing links we're looking for.
  3. I usually Sit IN Velia
  4. Use this to post question comments and just general chatting with other members.
  5. done, granted i've had this done for a while now >_>
  6. monkey see monkey dooo >_>

  7. music embeding on a profile now you have no choice but to listen to my radio

  8. Happy Birthday dude!

  9. golgo says hi? ALUCARD SAYS HAI WITH A KICK TO DA NUTS!!! lol how you been golgo?
  10. if you're here then you should be listening to the radio >_>

  11. o dear god the wild magrath still walks the earth HIDE!!!!
  12. Oy! You there!

  13. Adalric

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