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  1. Adalric added a post in a topic: Interested in the BD chapter? Join here!   

    I'd like to join...... please? =<
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  2. Adalric added a post in a topic: WildStar Stream Overlay   

    looking for input or things you think should be added.

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  3. Adalric added a post in a topic: The Fastest PCs in TL (Benchmark Thread)
    Overall Score
    Aggregated Score : 6.14kPT
    Results Interpretation : Higher Scores mean Better Performance.
    Decimal Numeral System (base 10) : 1GPT = 1000MPT, 1MPT = 1000kPT, 1kPT = 1000PT, etc.
    Result ID : GigaByte Z68XP-UD3P (Intel Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz; Intel Core DRAM Controller; 2x 4GB G.Skill F3-12800CL9-4GBSR2 ; Seagate ST31000528AS; AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series)
    Finished Successfully : Yes
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  4. Adalric added a post in a topic: Claim Flags with deleted characters
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  5. Adalric added a post in a topic: Team Legacy Official Ranked   

    just let me know when
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  6. Adalric added a post in a topic: Team Legacy Rust Server IP and Mods list   

    Connection Info:
    if you don't have it in your history hit F1 then type net.connect "Server IP"
    e.g. net.connect ""
    Current mods on the server
    Oxide V1.9 (core mod)
    Chat History
    Door Sharing
    Player List
    Loot Spawn changer
    Private Messaging
    Non Working mods ATM
    Future Mods
    Home TP
    Configurable Economy
    All the future mods i'm looking into all need the economy mod to work. This basically adds currency into the game making it able to place bounties on other players buy items like wood planks or pay to be teleported back to base (after a 5sec pause).
    Currently trying to work on getting tickets working so I have a way to be notified by players that aren't TL about hackers.
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  7. Adalric added a post in a topic: Taking off the Rust in our organization Friday   

    i'll be on all night
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  8. Adalric added a post in a topic: Fill out the updated EQN Interest Survey!   

    There seemed to be some confusion on whether or not you should fill it out if you only partially plan on playing most of the times. We accept all you plan on playing it even if it's 2 times a week, filling out the survey helps us better place you so we know who to go to for when things need to get done.
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  9. Adalric added a post in a topic: Squad get together "Squad 7"   

    there's usually about 10+ of us playing it concurrently everyday so far. I've gotten my moneys worth with it just from those days of fun.
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  10. Adalric added a post in a topic: Everquest Next Recruitment links   

    EQNForums (Not official) :  http://www.eqnforum....rder=view_count EQNext Fans (Curse) (No normal bumping) :  http://www.eqnextfan...egacy-pvx-large EQN Nexus : : Landmark Wiki : EQN Wiki :
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  11. Adalric added a post in a topic: EQN:L Founders Check IN! :D   

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  12. Adalric added a post in a topic: Squad get together "Squad 7"   

    should also state that this won't interfere with anything related to TL or what TL hosts. So if there's a meeting the meeting is more important or any event hosted by TL and it's members.
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  13. Adalric added a post in a topic: Squad get together "Squad 7"   

    Since this hasn't really been brought up or put out there much. Put how about a possible get together with the squad and playing some games or getting to know each other better. The vote is mutiple choice so if you can be there every day click them all. We'll look towards times being around night as that usually works out for most people but that could be decided later.
    Would also like to state since this coming week is christmas we don't have to push for it for a few weeks. could be in 2 weeks or more.
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  14. Adalric added a post in a topic: crafting types   

    this really depends on my class as i tend to pick a armor set to my specific class wearablity so i might be doing light medium or heavy. Also is farming/cooking allowed with the others or are they also a pick?
    also architect would be my second one.
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  15. Adalric added a post in a topic: Roster / Availablity   

    make a new thread?
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