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  1. Natalie Dormer
  2. If anyone has time, I've set up a question section to the forums. We'll use this to answer questions to the other members of the guild.
  3. The collab menu if most of you have noticed has an option to take you back to the home page. If we have any external link I'll add them to this menu for an easy access. This way we don't have to dig through different threads containing links we're looking for.
  4. I usually Sit IN Velia
  5. Use this to post question comments and just general chatting with other members.
  6. In-Game Name: Adalric   Are you 18+?: Yes   Archetype & Classes: Cleric   Previous MMO Experience: WoW, GW2, Wildstar   Previous MMO Raid Experience: WoW   What is your approach to criticism?: Everything is debatable. If there's a good argument on why something needs to be changed it'll be changed   Which previous MMO Raid Experience was the most difficult for you?: Not sure if I could pick just one. Everything is a learning experiance, and nothing was ever easy to accomplish.   Are you interested in being the Leader of a 10 man raid? (If so, explain why.): Not Really, but can be if needed. I've had experiance leading small raids and was a class leader for my major raid in WoW.
  7. looking for input or things you think should be added.  
  8.   seems to be a problem with the DX10/11 graphics cards you can force run dx9 for a better performance though I've found dx8 to work better. Doesn't hurt to try if you have constant crashing or choppy graphics.
  9.   Overall Score Aggregated Score : 6.14kPT Results Interpretation : Higher Scores mean Better Performance. Decimal Numeral System (base 10) : 1GPT = 1000MPT, 1MPT = 1000kPT, 1kPT = 1000PT, etc. Result ID : GigaByte Z68XP-UD3P (Intel Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz; Intel Core DRAM Controller; 2x 4GB G.Skill F3-12800CL9-4GBSR2 ; Seagate ST31000528AS; AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series) Finished Successfully : Yes  
  11. just whatever you can make obsole3t. the more we have the more we can choose from.
  12. Would like to see some drawings or outlines anyone has made for housing for landmark. Can be any theme (Elven, Dark Elven, Human, etc.). Would like several different pictures so we can use them for the main Town I plan on laying out (This will include the TL keep/Guild Hall).
  13. the problem with this specho, is that esthetically the logo for EQNL is popping upwords giving a hovering above look. if it was to be pushed to the bottom it'd look funny and out of place. we could just create text and words but i think having the EQNL logo is more appealing and grabs better attention. I do however like the idea of putting chapter at the top.   that said putting chapter below team legacy was to give a look on what would you rather have, granted we didn't clarify this but yeah. Sorry =<
  14. just let me know when
  15. Adalric

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