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  1. I shall call you Praetor Fenix, because thats what my friend named his cat

  2. I would love some, I hear they are feistily scrumptious

  3. Hi. I'm selling kangaroos. Would you like some?

  4. lol hi
  5. Welcome eric. Would you enjoy a hugsicle?
  6. Should I call you kyle comma eye guess, or can I just call you comma for short? just askin no bm pls
  7. Welcome all you wonderful heroes! We arent offering complimentary fellatios to new members YET but Im trying to work something out with lancer
  8. oh sorry about the mixup t.t
  9. high patinum? but arent you like 1600 diamond?
  10. contrary to popular belief, intelligence or lack thereof have no bearing on your starcraft 2 skill until it reaches a certain threshold
  11. actually if you check the forums, you'll see starcraft players arent smart at all! seriously though the common factor isnt that we play sc2, but that we (most of the recruits) come from , and if someones posts and isnt banned on TL, you know they're not gonna mess up TOO much :P
  12. sup sugar
  13. Hi kim :dance:
  14. Im gonna use this instead of from now on :character-burgerking:
  15. sup guys, you may know me by my templar icon in the TL thread :ugeek: jkjk, hi I'm Anton from Bangladesh I'll be studying a lot in the coming year but I hope to spend a good amount of my free time playing GW2 with you fine folks :D

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