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  1. Amazing writing and story telling by someone over at the Team Liquid community. Thought I would share the writing with everyone here. Enjoy!
  2. I am interested in playing this. Never really got into Unreal or Quake, but loved Team Fortress 2. Also with the competitions using 3 v 3, and watching the games, its actually really interesting. Though the games are set to kill all players or capture the objective with 1 attacking player and 3 defending players so far I can see this developing into something big. New maps regularly = means to keep the game fresh.
  3. Well the movies focused only on the main storyline. Future movies coming from Disney, hopefully, will cover side stories that were important to the overall series of the Starwars franchise. The books are a good means to go about this. The main story was not all there was to the Starwars universe and hopefulley Disney will take this opportunity to help the old/new audience explore all facets of the entire universe rather then just the perspective of the main story.
  4. Name (list at least first name and any in-game aliases you may use) and location (general): - Obelisk 7 - Seoul, South Korea Speedtest Internet Connection Results: Please test a US East Coast Server and post the png link or insert it from - What will be your main specialization in Planetside 2? What can we expect you to excel at? - From what I have read the role you play in a battle is supposed to be based on fitting your playstyle rather then being totally class based. In FPS's I've played, I've always been a support player in the sense that the pressure I place through my aggressive play style allows breathing room for my teammates to do what they need to do on the map. I used submachine guns and the FAMAS in COD 4/Modern Warefare and Rainbow Six Vegas, played Sniper, Medic, and Heavy in TF2, and I was responsible for Bombsite B or Long at Bombsite A when I played CS:S. Any specialization that lets me roam and put pressure on the enemy. Combat Medic and Heavy Assault looks the coolest though. What did you like most about past guilds/clans you've been a part of? - The community and ability to rely on each other to discuss means to improve and ways to approach how to play before executing. I improve by having fun, because it is the one mindset that allows me to experiment and see what limits there are so I know what I can get away with in different situations. Both communities I've devoted my life to, Clan Art of War for Xbox 360, and Team Legacy for PC has allowed me to focus on that aspect. It is with these communities I've been able to just do things and not get flak or disapproval because they accept that I push unnecessary things to try and help grow one thing or another. How did you hear about Team Legacy? - I lurked Team Liquid after I quit and sold the Xbox 360. I never was good at PC games and felt I had to learn and understand Starcraft Broodwar if I ever was going to engage myself in the PC scene. After lurking for a year or so, A thread popped up regarding a Team Liquid focused guild for Guild Wars 2. The thread was made by Freelancer's wife, and I joined up and been here since. We didn't require applications at the time so I'm here, in this thread, writing one Are you in beta now? - Unfortunately I had no interest prior to making this thread. I accidentally watched Planetside 2 from TobiWan stream ( host) and I suddenly felt this urge to play FPS's again...I'ved avoided FPS's all together due to my fear of this hunger and sadly I activated it. What makes you unique? - A variety of things might be considered unique...I'll bullet them and hopefully one of them is unique. I am probably the most experienced spectator when it comes to watching a variety of competitive games in the guild. I love watching people play as much as I love playing games. At one point was reading the news, watching matches, and stalking the forums of twelve teams and ten different games around the time WSVG was still around and the beginning of the CGS came about. I started serious gaming during my 2nd year in high school. After two months of playing TF2 on the top Australian, Singaporean, Hong Kong, South Korean, and Chinese Pub servers I managed to get the top 10 stats for Sniper and top 20 for Medic. I'ved played a total of 6 games seriously (In Order: Chromehounds, Rainbow Six Vegas, COD 4, COD Modern Warfare, CS:S, TF2). I stayed in my previous community for I believe 5 years and TL for about 2.5 ish now? Lastly for the entirety of high school I played Rainbow Six Vegas at an average of 14 hours a day for three years straight......Yep.
  5. I'm sure that if we get enough attention, results, and funding from the many sources available we will manage to get to this point. Some of us are pushing our personal life as far up as possible so we can provide some of the initial funding prior to sponsors to be able to grow the GW2 community and place TL's foothold as a place for everyone to go. The harder and more work we do now, the better payoff we will manage once the release of the game comes. It will happen. Its just a matter of when. ^.^
  6. Congrats Gamer Population +1
  7. Won't this just force people into wanting to farm previous acts/difficulties just so they won't have to deal with high repair cost + actually profiting from the time they are putting in when looking for rare loot?
  9. Isn't LiveOnThree owned by DJ Wheat and SirScoots just a co-host alongside him? I wouldn't say that LiveOnThree helps the brand....but it would be SirScoots personality and voice in the community LoT caters to that helps EG. Back on topic: Nice pick up and looking forward to what his training does for him :)
  10. The lighter theme will give us more opportunities to showcase anything that is based on darker themes. Also can't it be coded where certain forums are dark, where publicly open one's are light? In this way when browsing the forums on the main page, we know right away what are guild-based forums and what is community based.
  11. I do prefer lighter themes since It is easier to navigate, at least for me, and does not look as cluttered when you have alot of stuff on the site.
  12. Though I play supports I hear I can't consider myself a real support player until I learn to play Janna and Sona. I love the role in the fact I can focus more on my minimap and lane vs what I consider mundane things like creep score and beating another player. I appreciate the number of support players in this guild I can learn from and hopefully I can play enough to learn whatever tricks I still need to learn especially for my Soraka and Alistar :)
  13. I made a new account made specifically for the purpose of Ranked Matches and player matches. I won't care about Wins or Loses, it is specifically to learn how to improve my own game as a player and ignore people's yelling and screaming. Starting it from scratch so Rune buying and champion buying is done right ADD Me ClickBoomPewPew
  14. Rune explanation (Buy S/A Rank runes) http://www.mobafire....-more-24255#top Look up player Stats Latest news from the Lol Community Change your Recommended Items in Summoner's Rift and Dominion using LoL Item Changer Jungler Guide http://www.mobafire....he-basics-96503 Articles about LoL and some things about Pro Scene -------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommended Streams (Only listing the one's I know for sure) Chaox - Learning Ad Carry Dyrus - Learning how to play League of Legends smart (even with Trolling) TheOddOne - Normally a good Jungler but makes bad decisions here and there Scarra - Learning AP Carry Wickd - Great Solo Top and Jungler
  15. I find that I hate snowball champions mainly due to the fact that it takes a good team to actually shut them down. Leblanc, Tryndamere, Akali, Master Yi, Jax, Poppy etc. Most of them can take advantage of idiots in-game and snowball themselves to the point where they are late-game viable. Also those with a really weak early game tend to be really good at KSing so that they don't fall behind and can take advantage of their late-game capabilities. On a sidenote to bridger - LoL makes it very easy to learn about champions and what they do. The style of the animations makes it really easy to know who is doing what ^.^

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