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  2. Emperor Troll of all Trolls

  3. School's that peanut butter and jelly sandwitch that taste like sand. Only when it's 8am in the morn though~

  4. I've not seen you on for a while, where are you? :(

  5. Bro-love right back at you!

  6. I just wanted to say after reading your app how fucking awesome you are. Another has been added to the list of people I can talk to so I can MMO-tize my knowledge and hear awesome stories of the adventures of a individual. Obviously I'm in a good mood.
    No homo.

  7. Two new blog entries are up! Go comment and review so I can improve future writing's~

    1. Bíalba


      Cool I like your entries

  8. Back to South Korea April 14th.

  9. Welcome new people Hope to see you around the Legacy Forum Cosmos, and interact in a GRAND BATTLE Of BATTLE SHIPS AND GIANT ROBOTS! wait...wrong game ~.~
  10. Plat is the guys who know half the basics, and are too dumb to learn the other half. *sigh*
  11. Glad to see you posting up on the forums Go ahead and make yourself at home, and engage in the many discussions we have going. We got a ways till the game comes out, but there is plenty to discuss about the guild itself and how to go about doing things prior to Guild Wars 2.
  12. Jason from Seoul, South Korea. Found a thread about the goings-about here and decided to join in in preparation for GW2 Got to tell my best friend, Daniel, about it and have him join in the fun we all are looking forward to. Can't wait to get to know you all and looking forward to mic-in with the lot of ya :3 Cheers, Jason

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As a gaming community by definition, we are always playing the latest releases, and we continually look for competitive large-scale formats to test our organization against other respected, well-prepared guilds and communities. If the title is competitive, and involves pitting the skill of one guild against another, we are there..