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  1. Now with 13 GW2 chara's and even more in the planning XD;;

  2. So many GW2 alts!!!

  3. Is very happy with her new PC!

  4. Almost done with the terror that is NURBS :D

  5. omg nurbs D: the terror

  6. welcome guys! don't be shy and do hop onto TS3 :)
  7. hello and welcome guys!
  8. Oh wow so many new people :3 Welcome all of you! I really hope you guys will enjoy your stays and maybe ill see you on TS3.
  9. busy Yue is busy o:

  10. Now with green hair!!!

  11. Now new and improved Yue, with blue hair!!!

  12. Just the day; I was born in 1991. Only three years younger!

  13. haha awesome xD so you are my bday buddy then lol. just same day or also same birth year? o;

  14. I got into IGAD yeah baby!!!!! :D

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