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  1. Name: Smeerworst Form: Bless Online Registration Gaming Name: Smeerworst Do you have a referral?: Me myself and I Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yep for the last 5 years at least Are you on Discord?: Daily Your Discord Name: Smeerworst Do you have a Youtube channel or Twitch you use?: Nope, none of that Do you have any past PvP history?: Did some things with TL in the past on several games. What do you know about Legacy/Veritas already?: The good, the bad and ugly (less of that last part, cause its my online family for the past 5 years) Tell us about yourself in-game.: I call on the 5th amendment What do you feel you bring to the guild that makes you unique?: My Dutch approach, skills and halo's What are your interests besides PvP?: Just play the game with the chapters ppl Any questions for us in the forum thread?: Nope
  2. Hey Bongo, yes there are. Not a lot of ppl tho. I come from NL, so hanging out is much easier than -8 hours
  3. Should we really consider this? Because I do know this guy from somewhere and wasn't he a Nar in his previous lives?! Rly Voison, why do you apply officially, cause you are a returning player and just wave and smile...and get involved.
  4. I still dwell here ( must be oldschool), wonder how many actually filled in that form.
  5. I don't k now avout this guy... Seems familiar, but from what...cant remember. Should we accept this app LG?
  6. Hey Outlaw, That's been a while! Good to see you around again in the forums that is Most activity takes place in Discord/ slack (soon to be exit). Make sure you get Discord up and running and pm FL for the inv link. Cheers buddy, Smeer
  7. Hey FL, Thank ypu for making the site feel fresh and new! Must admit, it was a bit searching and exploring within the UI to the 'old' routine, but I lover it! Have a good one! Smeer
  8. Hey Ladtroids, I recommend you install slack and reach out to Legacy Gaming. Most (bdo) activity takes place on slack. Let me k ow if you found your way. Cheers Smeer
  9. Hey Mordimeld, Good to read that RL things offer you time to play and spend time with us. Lots of ppl play BDO these last months and it seems it stays that way. So if you want to dive into a new MMO, you know where to us. Other games are played as well, I advice you to install Slack and/or discord to get hooked into daily community business Ask on TS how and what and we'll see you there. The forums are pretty much inactive, but still a good siurce if information! Cu around Smeerworst
  10. Ha FL, Now I k ow what happened, since I thought the themes were messed up, but actual work was done to make it happen. I have to admit, it looks fresh and the forum is indeed faster (mobile). Thank you for the hard work and effort. Cheers, Smeer
  11. Hey Ceki aka Cormbread! Good to see some signs of life Ppl are playing mainly BDO, but there is a large part of the community doing other stuff as well. Feel like doing a quick game? Try to get on Slack as well, since our santum is a ghosttown nowadays Cu around! Smeer
  12. Hey Emelen, Welcome to the forums and community! Dont be a stranger on TS Cheers, Smeer
  13. Hi Fowh, I think you can adress someone in game, since most activity takes place on either our Slack, TS and ingame platforms. Try to reach out to bobz. Let me k ow if you succeed. Cheers, Smeer
  14. Bye Phancy! Enjoy your RL endeavours Jump in if you to hang out with the community. Cheers, Smeer
  15. Welcome back familiar stranger
  16. Hello Vidious, Welcome to our community and enjoy your stay! CheeRs, Smeerworst
  17. Hi Wrath, Welcome into our mids and enjoy your stay
  18. Welcome back Onosei, Good to read, you got your things on track and find the time anthousiasm to play some games with us. Cheers, Smeerworst
  19. Salute Inca! Your always welcome in my book! Loved the spend time in ESO/Smite/ WS and many more games we payed. As far as I know we don't have a real application procedure and most of us are enjoying DBO cbt1 atm. Next year we will pick this title up at launch, but untill than we WvW alot (GW2) and play other games as well. Hop on TS, good to hear your voice again. Cheers, Smeerworst
  20. meow

    Hey Itsaliceduh, Welcome to our forums and enjoy your stay. Seems we all are hyped to get into cbt1, are you there? Out of curiosity, what inspired you to get your gametag? Cheers, Smeerworst
  21. Hi Tettra, Just jumped to your post to welcome you! Have a good time in our mids. Cheers, Smeerworst
  22. Hey Lastmandalor, Good to read we forfilled your expectations, since we do stir up the WvW meta Cu on the battlefield. Smeerworst
  23. Hey Mykle, Welcome to TL GW2 chapter and enjoy your stay
  24. Welcome back JaMojo!

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