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  1. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Hey Isoke and Kinetic! I am very happy to see you guys posting on the forums. I hope to see you around, taking part in discussions of all sorts and type! Also, if you have any ideas or discussion starters of your own bouncing around in your head, feel free to create a new thread and reap the e-cookies .
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  2. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    I get so rowdy that people are like "Whoa, that guy is getting pretty rowdy."

    Welcome everyone! It's always great to see new people in here.
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  3. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Hey Moziac! Have a good time posting here!
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  4. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Welcome Neols! I hope you have a good time on this nice and shiny site. Also don't hesitate to visit us on TeamSpeak if you'd like.
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  5. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Greetings Aether! I hope you have a great time on this website, and never stop posting!

    I don't think beta invites will be based on HoM points. If it is though, I'll be disappointed, as I never worked for any titles in GW1 :(
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  6. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Hello hello! Welcome welcome! As long as you keep on visiting the site, it doesn't matter if you're a lurker. Hell, until I started posting around the world, I was lurking at the GamesRadar, TeamLiquid and forums. It'll take time, but eventually you'll feel the extreme urge to post, or at least force your opinion upon someone.
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  7. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Awesome! Looking forward to doing stuff with you. Welcome!
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  8. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    You're probably thinking of Nub4ever, AKA: the best SC2 player in the guild.
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  9. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    That's a little harsh. I know a lot of smart people, and they suck at Starcraft. I also know dumb people. They also suck. Same goes for vice a versa though. Intelligence is hard to quantify, especially when applied to something like Starcraft.

    That's a special subject. While being good at math, or lack of thereof has completely no bearing on whether you'll hope into plat or bronze, I think there such a thing as a "knack" for gaming. Let me tell you my story.

    Turing the SC2 beta, I desperately wanted to get in, and wanted to be good. Because I wasn't able to get in, I started playing SC1. I absolutely sucked. I mean, D- all the way. I only ever won a single game. I won a contest then, and was able to get into the beta. I thought I would get into Copper, or at best Bronze (this is when Platinum was the highest, and Copper was the lowest). I was extremely surprised by myself, and I got into gold in just the placements. By the end of the beta I was in the highest league. I know people who have played over 100 games and are still in copper. Their math skills are probably better than mine, but I was innately better at Starcraft 2.

    This is one of many cases that end up happening with my IRL friends. Starting from when I was younger, my friend had a console, something I never had. The console was a Gamecube, and one of his favorite games was Super Smash Bros.. He had it for over a year before I was able to convince my parents to let me get one. After having for about a week, I was able to beat him fairly easily. Same thing happened with a Xbox and Mortal Kombat. After getting the video game Rock Band, I played it, starting on the drums. I never played Rock Band before, but I was able to play Hard in one week, unlike my friends. I don't know what it is, but I am innately better at picking up new games, at least compared to my friends.

    While general intelligence is not the basis for whether or not a person will be good at Starcraft, or any video game for that matter, there is something that is innate that cannot change. This doesn't apply to professionals though, as I do think intelligence (along with epic training) has to do with them succeeding at least a little.

    P.S. Shit, tiny post became epic in two minutes of typing.
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  10. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    That's what is so great about online video games, we meet people from on the otherside of the USA, along with people from around the world.

    Hello there, other people!
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  11. KillyKyll added a post in a topic (OLD) intro thread.   

    Hello there everyone! Killykill from the TL forums here (which is well, obvious, unless someone had the lack of originality as I did when I created this username when I first got SC1). Now about me:

    I live in the just-about-to-be hurricane bearing land of the Connecticut coast. I've been a gamer most of my life so far, and 70% of my MMO experience has been with Guild Wars. I got Prophecies when Factions was about to come out, getting the latter soon after. I ended up getting Nightfall the day that was released, and of course, EoTN later on.

    One thing I always wanted to do desperately was to get into Pvp, and to get win a fight in the Hall of Heroes. Sadly, I was never able to join a Pvp guild, and by the time I was really searching for one, no guild would let in a pvp newbie (I wasn't much of a newbie, and was willing to be serious about it, but hey, T_T).

    Now, I'm just eagerly awaiting the release of GW2 (as well on an announcement for TES V, (I know your making it Bethesda!!!)) and it would be great to be in a guild from the get-go. So woopie on everything done so far on the website, organization, and everything! :clap:
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