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  1. I can't handle all this metal   EDIT: I usually pop into forums in my spare time
  2. Wow, I've been following the ARG for quite some time now, but even so, I didn't expect something like this. This is a major and awesome development, and I'm very excited.
  3. Could you possibly add more of a description in the OP? It's already slightly obvious, but the video alone isn't really a topic starter. That aside, once I understood it, I had a good laugh from that video. Makes me remember why I never went into coding...
  4. That is very, very cool. I've always been a huge fan of space related ventures, and Curiosity is no exception. I'm looking forward to all the info we gain from it, as well as seeing how the landing goes.
  5. Please add more of a description next time for the video, thanks! OT: Pretty funny. It's also pretty hilarious that I'm not quite surprised by Aaron's reaction to being a contestant.
  6. In honor of just returning from the Warped Tour: My mind exploded a tiny bit when they played this on their set.
  7. Hey Isoke and Kinetic! I am very happy to see you guys posting on the forums. I hope to see you around, taking part in discussions of all sorts and type! Also, if you have any ideas or discussion starters of your own bouncing around in your head, feel free to create a new thread and reap the e-cookies .
  8. This may seem like a random question, but in what general area do you live, Voison?
  9. What's one thing you're going to be all doing on August 31st - September 2nd? Hopefully PAX Prime, am I right? If you are unaware of what PAX Prime is, it is a annual convention where gamers of all sorts get together and...well, have a good time. There are table-top play areas, freeplay console/PC areas, a giant expo hall, and way too many panels and events. For more info check out here: . Sadly, all passes are sold out, so if you're going to go, you should have already bought your pass by now. So who's coming? Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend, but I think it would be amazing if we could still set up a meetup.
  10. I get so rowdy that people are like "Whoa, that guy is getting pretty rowdy." Welcome everyone! It's always great to see new people in here.
  11. Thanks everyone, especially Gears, for the suggestions/help. I think I'll end up buying a computer from Xotic, one that's similar to the one Gears posted.
  12. I am going to need a mobile computer in the near future, and I'm not quite sure my options. I'd say my budget is around 1000-1400$, excluding any form of warranty. So far I've only really been able to look at Alienware/Dell (ha!) and Asus. Past that, I really don't know where to look. Basically, I want the best bang for my buck, as well as being from a reliable company/store. Also, Intel's new CPU's just came out, so I thought now might be a could time to start shopping. If anyone wants to ask questions to narrow my choice, feel completely free. Thanks in advance!
  13. A revival to this thread, awesome! Yue, that little guy looks like a pretty cute addition to your animal family . Does he/she have a name yet? EDIT: I'm sad I missed the past couple posts of this thread before, because Huntersknoll, that is the greatest dog pair I've seen in a long time.
  14. Damn this thread. I'm not quite sure what I should do with it anymore, especially since we're growing in size GAINING NEW MEMBERS AT A RAPID RATE . EDIT: Holy shit I'm bad at wording things. EDIT2: Yeah, I've decided upon closing this thread. It's received complaints and it's not something any respectable guild should have. Over a year ago when no one cared it was fine, but now it's just...immature. If anyone has an issue with this decision, feel free to PM me
  15. The event is starting up! Say something in the stream chat, if you want to play. Or rather, just enjoy spectating!

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