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  1. GuroNeko Main   420BilboSwaggins Alt   KuroPony Alt Badegraw Alt Chikn n Gravy Alt
  2. I like it. Also wish we could bring back modes like kill the Soraka, Catch the Teemo, and Ultimate Bravery
  3. So other people in the guild sometimes ask me for advice on what to use or what build I use atm on my monk. This build has only been tested till butcher inferno, but I have stopped playing my monk to concentrate on faceroll (demon hunter). Note: I use elective mode so I can freely bind skills. Also I dualwield 1 handed weapons. Primary - Crippling Wave (Mangle) Secondary - Dashing Strike (Quicksilver) 1st Skill - Serenity (Ascension) 2nd Skill - Breath of Heaven (Blazing Wrath) 3rd Skill - Mystic Ally (Earth Ally) 4th Skill - Mantra of Healing (Time of Need) Passives The Guardian's Path Seize the Initiative One With Everything What to stack: Dex, Vit, 1 resist of your choice Numbers I'm at right now: Strength: 538 Dexterity: 1332 Intelligence: 571 Vitality: 956 HP: 35k Armor: 5k Resists: 442 Damage: 12k Dodge: 43.3%
  4. I feel that increased attack speed loses value in solo inferno play, since most of the time you have no tank, so constant kiting = very little time to use your attack speed. In that case I would prefer to have higher based damage so that the shots I do get off before scurrying away hurt :)
  5. |

    I use earth ally, a constant 10% hp increase + good offtanking and damage. In inferno my only damage skill atm is crippling wave + mangle, everything else is dedicated to survival ;)
  6. Team Candyshop Kwlpp KuroN3ko Mianhe Kudegraw LightningCrisis Mascot/SuperSub Lyrah
  7. Drunken Aussie caster reporting for duty! will need a streamer though :P
  8. Good luck, hope to see you rocking GWAMM in GW2 :)
  9. Congrats Zirith :)
  10. <=== such a noob in all of them
  11. Final Fantasy Tactics, memorable characters, great combat system, great setting, great music, and the best storyline of any final fantasy game of all time! of all time!
  12. Purple is the best, had to paint it myself XD Also I think thats a Wacom Bamboo, could be wrong though Btw Aethlin, love the little chopper keychain and the teapot :P

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