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  1. Welcomes all around for Steven and Andrew! Hope you guys like it around here and stick around! Hop on to TS at any time, and we'll have a fun drunken game, whether its LoL or GW or anything else!
  2. Welcome Raptrox and Southrawrea to the family! Looking forward to seeing you guys on the forums and on the TS server! (P.S. Southrawrea, you are an awesome panda for living in Toronto- the holiest city on earth famous for 3 things without which hamsters would die and toilets would overflow): Me The Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pizza
  3. welcomes and greeting to Kevin, Camilla, Xinder, Ben and Kusanagi! Hope to see you guys on TS sometimes for some awesome times!

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As a gaming community by definition, we are always playing the latest releases, and we continually look for competitive large-scale formats to test our organization against other respected, well-prepared guilds and communities. If the title is competitive, and involves pitting the skill of one guild against another, we are there..