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  1. Heading over to subscribe to your new channel, good luck with it! same as ilnez though, i've already gotten my headstart :)
  2. I can jump in for the next day or so in game to rush you through any of the missions. Send a pm on the forums and I'll help you get through as much as possible in the timeframe left. IGN: Fallen High Angel
  3. My brother's built a hackintosh for the fun of it a few years back, managed to get tiger/eventually snow leopard on his build. A couple links that i remember him using, though from what he's told me it's apparently easier to build one now than before, since every error imaginable that can be run into has been run into and documented. <-- was the original place that my brother looked at originally, though may be a bit dated for your use. obviously as a directory of links to other sites about compatibility. looking at your mobo, it looks like you'll be fine compatibility wise. If you need a pointer guide, here's a guy who did a step by step with the same mobo that you're using, in case you need a reference. https://legacy.tonyma...php?f=7&t=21384
  4. DeJaVu, by usty K, Ft Marchello
  5. Finale finally came out as well today! Electronic, and listen until 0:22 at the very least! Will not be disappoint
  6. got the moa a while ago, managed to team with my bro and a friend for the sf part, everything else was just relatively easy. make sure to not do what i did and leave the ingredients out of the incubator in your inventory, took me like 5 minutes to figure out why i wasn't getting the moa when I was getting hit with the flames. Good luck with it if you're going to give it a try!
  7. Congratulations on your baby! hope you'll have an amazing time raising him to be an amazing gamer!
  8. Nice relaxing song, though with a bit of techno. songs are free, and the rest of the album is just as relaxing!
  9. Just releashed today, people's thoughts and reactions? Favorite part so far was when Day[9] was talking about Haypro and his sad ice cream Link to the Documentary here: Some background information: Team Liquid was working in tandem with a director in order to make a documentary about their professional team. The documentary was scheduled for a late February release, but was pushed back until June 22nd. Basically its an introduction to the bigger-than-life figures in the Team Liquid Pro-gaming team, and shows that when it comes down to it, they're just guys like you or me. Further links about Team Liquid and their documentary: http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=347190 <-- Portal page on release date, has a message from the director of the film. http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=342111 <-- Teaser trailer for the film. http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=309351 <-- Original announcement on the film itself.
  10. As a root fan since the very start this is exciting and i'm crying tears of joy right now i'd be a blubbering wreck right now if Minigun was back with root as well, but it's great to see kiwikaki come out of retirement to form root again!
  11. Whenever I doge in GW2 from now on, I'm going to imagine a green-skinned goblin sergeant screaming DOOOODDDDGGGGGGGGGGEEEE in my ear
  12. 0_o didn't even realize that this thread existed...going to have to go from the start and "examine" each picture very carefully, never know what I might've missed! MOD: You didn't miss anything. Don't go down that route with this thread.
  13. haha caught me by surprise, loved it though! 72
  14. 0_o dat ranger pet, do want....may just hop on thursday and see if its worth it to try and get to the pet, but dunno how long that'll be :/

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