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  1. Sorry to say but the wall of text is kind of hard to read. However I can see that you have a triple core AMD Phenom II processor running at 2.1 GHz, 4GB of RAM, and a 1GB AMD Radeon HD5650M graphics card. This may be enough for normal gameplay (dungeons and 5v5 structured PvP) at medium settings, considering the recommended requirements of a desktop pc is just 1 model above your gfx card with nearly the same specs (source: But when heavy load scenarios occur in the game, such as large world events, WvWvW and large highly populated maps, you may find the game hard to play at any respectable framerate. This is especially so on a laptop, where the components are usually underclocked for heat efficiency, and so perform less well than their desktop counterparts.
  2. Website improvements...I like ;P

  3. I will just put in Baccano to add to that list. It is easily one of my favourites, if you can keep up with the plot piecing together over the course of the show.
  4. Well to be honest I believe most of us find these types facts very interesting, and are very glad that you posted it! =P The site is a bit buggy though. Some of the graphs don't work for me (show 0%) and when i change the drop down menus for windows only, all the statistics die on me...I have turned off the script blockers on my explorer as well.
  5. Do we need to plug in a mechincal keyboard that doesn't have that player's flatmates/family up in arms about how loud it is? Cherry MX Blue Switches really do make a lot of noise, so maybe we can find a commercial keyboard that has Cherry MX Reds or Browns? I found the new Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard to be pretty good with red Cherry MX switches, even though it is only partially mechanical. What do you think? Is the hybrid build a viable cost-saving option for manufacturers of keyboards in the future?
  6. Indeed. According to some rumors, (,14499.html) Nvidia are pushing the card release forward from March/April to February. Just as I finish my Summer course. Fun times for me XDD
  7. Same here. Wow a WD fanclub...who would have guessed =P. But yeah external hard drives are not the most ideal option at the moment because of the high prices as mentioned by Kuro, but if you are desperate, WD is the way to go. All the HDDs I have bought so far have been WDs. They have never failed as of yet.
  8. That Viking's one was too good. Not many people could have guessed where they got that from xD.
  9. I am now thinking of the corsair 1500. Considering it has an in-built sound card, thus works off a usb port, I think it's ~$100 price point is justified...
  10. Honestly I would be careful with Crossfire or SLI. I have heard of problems with those setups which can leave people having purchased 2 cards while only wanting to use 1 of them. Either there are driver issues, or there can be an issue with framerates and micro-stuttering, which annoy some people. I have the article here:,2995-15.html Do take a moment to read through it when you have the time, even though it is long. I personally would just spend the extra money on a single, stronger card such as a gtx570, or save the money, get a gtx560 (for your resolution) and get a SSD if you are buying now because HDD are all super expensive until Q2 2012 thanks to the flooding in Thailand.
  11. It's raining heavily here in Sydney, so snow on my screen is all I am going to get. Wait, this snow is ON the screen. Oh wait.... I'll just shut up now.
  12. Have I posted this one before? This happened to me at a convention I went to in September. I had thought I got the grand prize from this claw machine. Then I realised how wrong I was: ripped me out of my money they did =.=". This is a joke though, that is how they stored one of the prizes of a raffle they had going for the event, and I snapped the photo before the show started (was a member of staff).
  13. ...wait you just realised all the cool aesthetic stuff you get from the Hall of Monuments? =.=" Buy the pack of 4. Now. Start playing. It won't be fun grinding up the points unless you go out of your way to enjoy the story either. Good Luck.
  14. This should be able to play at max setting easily. However the stock cpu cooler NEEDS to be replaced (you know, but making a point is always good). Most aftermarket cpu coolers which have any pride should work, but if you are planning on overclocking, a high performance one (hyper 212, nh-D12 if it fits) would suffice. I just made my brother a rig, and the nh-d14 I got for him allowed me to overclock the i5-2500k to 4.7GHz stable right off the bat with hardly any voltage tweaks.

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