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  1. Website improvements...I like ;P

  2. Hungry.....very hungry =.=

  3. You seemed to have a lot of team experience yourself from what I read xD. How was the interview? Or are you not allowed to talk about it...Anyway the mood and style of the people on this forum really stir my interest as they usually get intelligent conversations going. I will probably stick around on the forums and on Teamspeak, theorycrafting and debating until i get some actual accomplishments under my belt...which may never occur QQ. I hope there isn't a member limit to this guild xD. Yeah the OBT speculation was just a whimsical thought on my part, don't pay it too much heed.
  4. I seem to lag as much on oceanic servers as I do on American servers *sigh*. I come from many different regions for my games Hmm, a bit of speculation here, but is it possible that people with 30 points on HoM will get invites to beta testing?
  5. Hey all! I'm Steven from Sydney, Australia. I'm 18 years of age. I got the pm on this forum a while ago, probably because of and have been lurking here ever since. I am a solid fan of many action games and enjoy watching SC2 VODs. I've clocked up a good number of hours on GW1, though not nearly as much as some of you (i.e. just enough to get my 30 HoM points). GW2 looks really exciting to me (most of my characters are going to be Asura~ <3) and I hope to participate in the beta, at least to test the lag. I played IGunz a lot in the past because i enjoyed the freedom of movement the *glitches* in the game gave people. Due to financial issues, I have only managed to play F2P MMOs: Flyff, Trickster, Iris Online, Grand Fantasia, Perfect World, Cabal, AIKA, and most recently Rusty Hearts CB and Dragon Nest OB. I tend to shy away from subscription games. I believe the money i have saved from not playing them has contributed mostly to upgrading my computer to be the best performance-per-dollar machine I can afford (dunno if that is an oxymoron xD). I will soon have an eyefinity setup...once I get a Displayport monitor. I have practically no experience in pvp for MMOs in particular (thanks to living in Australia, love the lag), though i have played Dota, CoD, Battlefield and CS:S. However I have read and enjoy many of the articles linking cyber-gaming and Sun Tzu's The Art of War. I hope to see you all around this forum and participate in interesting speculation and debates! P.S. =/ after reading it again, this sounds like an application xD. I am not sure if I would be qualified for this guild, with the high-profile apps I have seen around the place. P.S.S. I haven't seen it officially anywhere on the forum either, but Oceania seems to be quite isolated from the time zones of Europe and America, so prime time for me would be hardcore time for most of you xD. At least that is what happened with most of the guilds I have played in, in all the games I tried before.

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