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  1. chuiu added a post in a topic Hawken Open Beta   

    The game is still in open beta and is getting ready to launch a big update with a couple new game modes, revamped XP systems, item system, new map, co-op training for newer pilots, party system, and a bunch of improvements to C class mechs, as well as bug fixes and optimizations, etc.  Find out more details here:

    And if you want to check out some gameplay for the game I have some recorded games on my twitch page and am streaming from time to time now that I have much more time to play games.

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  2. chuiu added a post in a topic Faction preference? (Poll)   

    Well its hard to make a decision when you don't know what all the races are, their differences (racial abilities? stats?), and what all the classes are and which race can be which class.  
    But until I know more, Dominion.  Because they look awesome.
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  3. chuiu added a post in a topic FTB Minecraft Resource Thread   


    Installing a texture pack is actually just as easy. Once Free gives you guys the link to the texture pack simply download it and load up Feed the Beast through the launcher. Once you're at the menu screen click on "Texture Packs" and then "Open texure pack folder". If the pictures are too small open them in a new window, the forum resizes them a bit.

    After you've done that you should have the 'texture packs' folder open. If you haven't installed any texture packs this should be empty! Simply drag and drop the texture pack into the folder and close the window. Then once back in game select the texture pack, wait for it to load, then click done. And you're done!

    Now you can enjoy your brand new textured minecraft! The mod pack Free is providing will change all Minecraft textures and most of the mod pack textures. Its not yet 100% total conversion but its very close!
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  4. chuiu added a post in a topic FTB Minecraft Resource Thread   

    Optional guide for 3 more cool clientside mods:

    Want to see tools on players backsides (including your own)?

    Want to see awesome mob gibbing just like Dead Space and other games?

    Then you want some more of iChun's mods. In addition to Gravity Gun and Portal gun mods (already in the modpack you just downloaded!), he makes several more cool mods. Three of which are Back Tools, Mob Dismemberment, and Mob Amputation. They are all very small mods and don't take much at all to run (.2mb small enough for you?). To install these mods is very easy, just follow these few steps:

    First download which ones you want! Always grab the latest versions.

    Back Tools: http://ichun.us/mods/back-tools/
    To see mobs dismember when you kill them: http://ichun.us/mods/mob-dismemberment/
    To see mobs lose body parts as you kill them (gore can be disabled in the config): http://ichun.us/mods/mob-amputation/

    Next run the Feed the Beast launcher, but do not load into the game yet! You're going to want to make sure the mod pack you want to add these to is selected. And from there click on 'Edit Mod Pack' button.

    Then click 'Add Mod' on the bottom right, go to the folder you downloaded your mods, and add them in one by one. Once that is done they will show up in the 'Enabled Mods' list of mods.

    Now all you have to do is close this window and run the game! Its automatically installed with the rest of your mods and you won't have to worry about adding it every time you load up the game. The only time you ever have to re-add it is when the mod pack gets updated, which generally happens 1-2 times a month. That would also be a good time to check to see if any of these mods are also updated; but its unlikely that they will need to be since many of them are very simple and non-intrusive to normal minecraft code.
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  5. chuiu added a post in a topic TL Minecraft Server   

    Lol. For anyone who missed the pm Free setup a thread explaining how to setup the mods for the server.


    Its just as easy as installing minecraft for the first time (unless you're also install optifine and a texture pack). You don't even need to update minecraft or mess with it at all, the mod pack has all the files you need in a self contained package it downloads for you. All you need is your minecraft account.

    I'm also going to make a post later describing how to add a couple cool clientside mods which add some fun stuff.
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  6. chuiu added a post in a topic TL Minecraft Server   

    March 1st will be the release of the ultimate pack, it would probably be better to use that.
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  7. chuiu added a post in a topic Yue's Road To 50/50   

    Super grats!
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  8. chuiu added a post in a topic Do American sports commentators go nuts like this?   

    Koreans excel at this:

    And while I'm on Starcraft...

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  9. chuiu added a topic in PC Gaming General   

    Funny Video: Black Dynamite Asura

    Click here to view the record
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  10. chuiu added a topic in PC Gaming General   

    Funny Video: GW2 Pigeons go anywhere

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  11. chuiu added a post in a topic Funny Video: Velociraptor in Melbourne   

    Anything with the word "Velociraptor" in it is instantly interesting. I don't care who you are.
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  12. chuiu added a topic in PC Gaming General   

    Funny Video: Velociraptor in Melbourne

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  13. chuiu added a post in a topic Lockon's final push to 50/50 + GWAMM   

    Old maybe but not very powerful, I've beaten him solo in around the same amount of time.
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  14. chuiu added a topic in PC Gaming General   

    Funny Video: Land Sharks!

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  15. chuiu added a post in a topic Trailer: Intrusion 2 gameplay trailer   

    This game looks amazing!
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