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Hey all,

Thought I'd check in to see how everyone is doing and what you've been up to since Archeage. I got busy with work but now that things have settled down some, I'm looking for something new to play. I had been playing Albion Online, but I'm waiting for Open Beta because I'm not doing a 4th character reset (too much grind for me).

I had been considering Camelot Unchained.

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Hey Mordimeld,

Good to read that RL things offer you time to play and spend time with us.

Lots of ppl play BDO these last months and it seems it stays that way.

So if you want to dive into a new MMO, you know where to us.

Other games are played as well, I advice you to install Slack and/or discord to get hooked into daily community business ;)

Ask on TS how and what and we'll see you there.

The forums are pretty much inactive, but still a good siurce if information!

Cu around



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