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Name: Voison

Form: Community/Guild/Clan Application

Gaming Name: Voison
What game are you looking to join us in?: Revelations Online
Do you have a referral?: I'm an old member pre GW2 days.
Are you on Discord?: Yes, under the name Voison.
Tell us about yourself in-game.:

I normally play healer / support classes in MMOs. Have been rolling support since 2001 in some old-school MMOs.
I swing more towards the hardcore type of player. I normally like to bounce between PvE and PvP, but if I had to choose one I would always pick PvE. I've always been the type of person to find myself healing end-game PvE raids. I do like jumping into battlegrounds or ganking people in open world PvP though. Arena? Meh. I just never really felt the need to do 1v1 or 2v2 at times. I'll do it but never to achieve the best rating / rank, unless I'd have to to get loot etc. I would say I'm a people person and love to joke around with people in-game. I aim to get BiS gear (long as I don't have to craft it myself) either from PvE raiding or PvP. I really don't believe in having alts or different classes. I normally focus on 1 character / 1 class. I normally only play healing / support in MMOs and even in other games. If I can't play a healer, I'll play the class / character who can support the most. Back in GW2 I played a warrior, but speced so I could heal with my shouts and buff people. I like healing people. :)

In revelations I plan on rolling spiritshaper and focusing on heals. 

What do you know about Legacy/Praetorian already?:

I'm an ex-member of Team Legacy. Also an ex-officer of Team Legacy as well. I use to handle all social media accounts for the community (when it was still called team legacy). I also helped out with everything public relations concerning the community. Ranging from posting recruitment threads, to dealing with negativity in the MMO community of the game we we're focused on. At the time that was GW2 (Oh the salt levels), Wildstar, FFXIV, and other minor games. If you asked me what I know about Legacy now of days? Absolutely nothing. I've been gone for quite a few years, so most people I knew are probably gone. This is why I wanted to apply and not just come back in because I'm a "vet". I'd like to learn how things work, learn whose who around these parts, and just get to know everyone again. I know Legacy has a reputation for having dedicated teams / groups for the games they support, so I'm interested in seeing what people have planned for Revelations Online. 

What do you feel you bring to the guild that makes you unique?:

As I said above I'm a people person. I also feel like I am a pretty decent healer in most games, which is always needed when it comes to end game content in games.

Any questions for us in the forum thread?:

Not at this time.

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Should we really consider this? Because I do know this guy from somewhere and wasn't he a Nar in his previous lives?! :P

Rly Voison, why do you apply officially, cause you are a returning player and just wave and smile...and get involved.


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