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Community Application - Lash

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Name: Lash

Form: General Community Application (Everything except Star Citizen and Chronicles of Elyria)

Gaming Name: Lash
What game are you looking to join us in?: Star Citizen, Chronicles of Elyria, Crowfall, Ashes of Creation, Bless, probably others
Do you have a referral?: no
Are you on Discord?: yes
Tell us about yourself in-game.:

I am a relentless competitor.  I want to win.  My job makes me a casual gamer from November to February, but from March to October will likely be in the lead group of online ingame hours.  I was a top-tier PvPer in Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies.  A weightroom accident has left me with a completely numb left thumb and index finger so my twitchy gameplay has suffered a bit (they work but sometimes hit the wrong key hehe).  I tend now to play ranged or support types because of this and also play an alt crafting account so I can "win" that way too.   I will figure out a game's economy and how to manipulate markets and view that as PvP too.  I have also a tendency to get into taming/breeding/mounted combat in games.  I tend to play two accounts in every game where that would be applicable, one for PvP combat and one for crafting.

What do you know about Legacy/Praetorian already?:

I was on Vornair Discord when you joined Vornair in CoElyria I remembered your group did very well in Black Desert, so I found your website and enjoyed the concepts/mission.  Looking to join a bigger group as the group I was in fractured into tiny pieces with subgroups for individual games completely leaving the community.

What do you feel you bring to the guild that makes you unique?:

I am a relentless competitor.  I feed off competition so much so that even my real life job involves getting fired if I don't win (and I haven't gotten fired in 21 years so far).  I tend to feel "left behind" by having to work 16-hour days/6 days a week in the winter, so I spend a little more on games to get a head start.  I am not posting the acquired assets below to brag about spending money as anyone can do that, I simply have been blessed to be successful enough in my career to provide whatever my family needs/wants and still be able to heavily invest in upcoming games which helps the guild I am in and which is what this question asks:

Star Citizen - Instead of listing a ton of ships, It is easier to describe my personal fleet by just saying I don't have a Javelin.  Any member can use any of the ships at any time (LTI for the win) just clean em up after you land em back in the hangar ;)

Chronicles of Elyria - Count pledge plus substantial extra EP purchase (I would have done a Duke pledge but I tend to worry about games until they reach 10 million in funding as I was burned by Pathfinder Online).  I am really serious about establishing a medieval Kentucky Derby race course and stables with a medieval Las Vegas city to support it.  I will explain more on my CoE application.

Crowfall - Imperial Palace and Mountain Citadel together is probably overkill so I have some extra castles and keeps just to make sure :blink: ... If needed, I don't mind any or all of my holdings/land being used as guild central marketplace/EK

Ashes of Creation: I will likely spend way too much money here too, but not sure if they will provide as much of a "head start" with crowdfunding pledges as the above games 


Any questions for us in the forum thread?:

I see some interest in Crowfall on the forums but definitely not as featured as SC and CoE, so what is the group's plan for this title?  With my work schedule posted above the passive skill gain will really help me stay up to par in the winter months, so I really am interested in a presence on this game.  Not to mention it is bringing back Star Wars Galaxies style crafting!  

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