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Name: Bongo

Form: General Community Application (Everything except Star Citizen and Chronicles of Elyria)

Gaming Name: bongo
What game are you looking to join us in?: Ashes of Creation
Do you have a referral?: Blackwood
Are you on Discord?: yes
Tell us about yourself in-game.:

I started mmos 20 years ago, on a quite hardcore level, both in terms of raiding and pvp.

Since then, i got a job and a family, and time is now a precious commodity.

Nonetheless, my commitment has shifted to looking for quality time, rather than clocking quantity of time.

I'm an open, easy going person, dislike drama, and look to make new friends.

I would say i'm semi hardcore, as i'm still playing avidly games.

What do you know about Legacy/Praetorian already?:

Legacy is to me a community of old friends that grew shifting games together. 

Sometimes games disappoint you after a while, and new games may be attractive.

This is perfectly fine as I'm used to this hopping. Games are important, but community is essential.

What do you feel you bring to the guild that makes you unique?:

i'm an mmo veteran, mature, focused and disciplined. I'am quick to relate to others, and hope to find and meet nice peeps in this community.

Any questions for us in the forum thread?:

are there members based on EU timezone?

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Hey Bongo, yes there are.

Not a lot of ppl tho.

I come from NL, so hanging out is much easier than -8 hours :)

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